Canadian music labels demand keys to the Internet

Michael Geist sez, "Last week I wrote about the astonishing demands of the Canadian music industry as it seeks a massive overhaul of Bill C-11, the copyright reform bill. The Canadian Independent Music Association is seeking changes to the enabler provision that would create liability risk for social networking sites, search engines, blogging platforms, video sites, and many other websites featuring third party contributions. If that were not enough, it is also calling for a new iPod tax, an extension in the term of copyright, a removal of protections for user generated content, parody, and satire, as well as an increase in statutory damage awards. CIMA and ADISQ, which represents the Quebec music industry, appeared before the C-11 committee last week and the demands only seemed to increase. For example, ADISQ is asking the government to add a requirement for Internet providers to disclose customer name and address information to copyright owners without court oversight. Meanwhile, CIMA wants takedown with no due process and unlimited statutory damages." [Emphasis mine]


  1. And then it came to warfare over who owned the river.  Egypt bombs the Sudanese dam to let the river Nile.. oh, was I talking about the internets?   Canada bombs the U.S. “internet dam” so they can build their own… In the 90’s international relations the two resources worth fighting over were water and oil.  Now a third mighty thing – “eyeballs” on the interwebs.

  2. there’s plenty of due process. they see you, they attack you, they win. in due course, of course.

  3. Our government has failed us! Not only the Conservatives but the NDP and Liberals! It’s time Canadians take Canada back! Shout out for changes in the government! Changes that will put the power back in the hands of the people! We need laws that allow us to force referendums on the politicians when they get out of hand and laws to punish the politicians for when they go to far! The first politician we should hold accountable is Vic Toews. Just in case you forgot what you did, Mr. Toews, you are a liar! You lied to the people of this country, now you should pay the price.

  4. Did the RIAA somehow convince their Canadian comrades to go completely ape-%&^$ crazy, just to make sure that SOPA’s future progeny in the US looks relatively tame in comparison?

  5. I’m sorry, isn’t this the group that if held to the same legal standard they impose on everyone else owed like 6 billion (or was it 60) to artist for music they used without permission or compensation?
    And then argued the number down to 50 million, and one of them is spending time suing an insurance company to force them to cover the loss of the label stealing from the artists?

    Why is the Canadian Government listening to these proven thieves?
    Make laws to insist on the minimum Canadian content in tv shows and movies, but ignore the labels stealing from the artists?

    1.  why is the Canadian government listening to these proven thieves?  Because they share the loot later.

  6. It’s shit like this that has lead my to boycott these industries, refusing to buy any of what they offer, for I do not support such evil, and I want to see these scum bags out of business and begging on the street as soon as possible.

    And it’s boycotts like mine that let them say “sales are dropping, it must be piracy, the laws need to be even worse!”

    Then they turn around and say they are doing this, “for the artists”. 
    Well, I’m an artist and I find their behaviour  absolutely disgusting.

  7. Thats the probleam with the labels and studios they are not reasonable on their demands and think the whole internet needs to revolve around them.

  8. In a way I am thankful for the CRIAA and their ilk, their inability to understand the cultural sea change that the internet has wrought assures their ultimate destruction. If they were smarter and more moderate, they could go on stealing from artists and consumers for a considerably longer time. Thankfully, they’re greedy fools that don’t ken technology in the least, so their ultimate destruction is assured. We’re currently riding out their death-spasms. If we stay the course, their war chests will run out, and those that don’t go broke will get tired of fighting and retire. We have common sense, popular opinion, and youth on our side. We will win this war, it’s just a matter of time.

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