Mario/Portal mashup - DRM-free, cross-platform, brilliant


2 Responses to “Mario/Portal mashup - DRM-free, cross-platform, brilliant

  1. semiotix says:

    I’m making a note here: OUR PRINCESS IS IN ANOTHER CASTLE. 

  2. When I go to share your stuff on Facebook, I can thumbnail almost every image on the page *except* for anything actually having to do with the article. Staff portraits? Check. Ape Lad’s awesome t-shirt, check. Scantily-clad American Apparel model, check. Anything story-related? No check.

    This is the only website in the world I seem to have this problem with. I know you guys have problems with many of FB’s policies, but you’ve got that “share” button right there, you could try and make it possible to actually, you know, share…

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