RIP Toola, world's most influential otter


8 Responses to “RIP Toola, world's most influential otter”

  1. ryuchi says:

    Are in your world those who are most given to Service to Others the “most influential”? Or rather the most stinking psychopaths destructive to themselves or others are most famous, celebrated (and i mean celebrated evey second, not just twice a year)?

  2. grimc says:

    There otter be more comments about this sad event.

  3. “She was found pregnant and stranded on a beach, suffering from a neurological disorder caused by a parasite that is spread by cat feces.” TIL about how toxoplasmosis is killing otters. 

  4. Excuse me, I’ve got some dust in my eye or something….

  5. Nicky G says:

    *sniff* Otters are just so damn cute…

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