Reddit PAC aims to kick SOPA's daddy Lamar Smith out of Congress


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  1. EH says:

    I was wondering about this just this morning when I saw Smith’s latest demagoguery over ACTA. Good luck, I’m betting he’s assigned to run point on the SOPA/PIPA/ACTA legislation based on the security of his seat.

  2. Back in the 80s & 90s , liberal and Democrat groups in Georgia tried to use the same strategy  to unseat Newt Gingrich.

    • I hope that doesn’t mean Lamar Smith will become a contender for President in the coming years.

    • Matt Hickman says:

      In this case Internet freedom is a bi-partisan issue.  And the pseudo-conservative Lamar Smith is on the same side of the issue as Obama and the Hollywood liberal establishment.   

      Succeed in painting Smith as Hollywood’s & Obama’s pet Republican, and you won’t need that much cross-over voting in the Texas primaries to get rid of Smith. 

  3. hakuin says:

    this doesn’t go far enough. Texas has capital punishment.  There must be SOMETHING….

  4. Art Carnage says:

    Keep in mind that if you vote in the GOP primary, you are then prohibited from voting in any other party’s run-off elections (in Texas, at least).

    • EvilTerran says:

      … but, if the dems have no chance of winning in your area, it’s not like that matters.

      • Kirk Holden says:

         There is a nominal Dem. But TX-21 is populated by Facebook moms who are convinced their kids are buying nuclear warheads and heroin syringes on the interwebs… The evil interwebs…

  5. Joe Simmons says:

     Reddits are not people!

  6. It’s worth noting that when Texans vote in either party’s primary, they can no longer add their signatures to petitions to put other parties on the ballot. That probably doesn’t matter this year, though. (Having voted in the Republican primary against Rick Perry in 2010, I was ineligible for merely adding my signature to help put the Green Party on the Texas general election ballot.)

    Voting in a party’s primary also means that the state officially considers you a member of that party for the entire calendar year. Prepare to receive Republican mail!

  7. Nancy Jane Moore says:

    Here’s the biggest problem with that plan. Smith’s redrawn district takes in a chunk of Travis County (Austin), mostly drawn from Lloyd Doggett’s old district. Those are the voters most likely to be interested in the idea. But in Travis County, winning the Democratic Primary is tantamount to election — the Republicans don’t even bother to field candidates in most races. So if you vote in the Republican primary to try to unseat Smith, you’re foregoing your chance to weigh in on county offices like district attorney, judges, county commissioner, state representatives, etc. Some of those races are hotly contested this year. Besides, such schemes rarely work. Better to spend the money doing some good grassroots organizing to help shift the district over time.

  8. Ronald Pottol says:

    The first internet (well, and compuserve, and AOL, and bbs) campaign was DF8, to remove the sitting speaker of the house, Tom Folley, he pissed off gun owners by violating his campaign promises and passing the assault weapon ban. Two people in his district, spending only $30-40,000, coordinated people across the country to defeat him. People downloaded fliers and mailing lists, had parties to assemble mailiers, and did it. This was in 1994.

    So it most certainly can be done, and is worth doing.

  9. sugarcanesavage says:

    Nice! Next targets should include John McCain and Harry Reid.

  10. Peter Whutt says:

    Can we add John McCain and Maxine Waters to that list? They’ve been attacking the internet like crazy. I’d join anyone in protecting the internet.

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