Young fellow makes, tests and celebrates outstanding Rube Goldberg machine


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  1. Rephlex says:

    This one is most definitely my annual “I want to be a dad” inspirational video. What a brilliant young man.

  2. There is so much that I love about this video — not least the take-away message at the end and Audri’s establishment and testing of hypotheses.  Bravo!

  3. anusantosh69 says:

    I Love this article n Video

  4. noah django says:

    gotta give it up for the kid.  nicely done.  reminds me of me when I was young.

  5. Gomez Fong says:

    I clapped when it worked.   Well done, Audri, well done.  

  6. Nadreck says:

    Nice touch holding up part of the Better Mousetrap with a copy of Steinbeck’s “Of Mice and Men”.

  7. Stonewalker says:

    I really like that he has a smashed fingernail.  Good things take pain sometimes!

  8. HerkyDerky says:

    I like the mom, too, who was prepared to film 22 rounds of testing. When people talk about parents needing to be involved, THAT is what they are talking about.

  9. francoisroux says:

    Is my Chrome installation the only one that is getting crashed by this flash/video and others from the same place?

  10. pKp says:

    Ye Gods, that is a GREAT way to start the day. Thank you, BB !

  11. BillGlover says:

    OK the “Only three failures” celebration. That’s magic.  Audri, you so get it, man. 

  12. GuyInMilwaukee says:

    Brilliant! Our future is very bright with Audri at the wheel. Rock on.

  13. JPhilipp says:

    “Unfortunately, this video is not available in Germany because it may contain music for which GEMA has not granted the respective music rights.”

  14. milkman says:

    “Let’s hear it for the boy!”

  15. jwkrk says:

    Very nice.  Excellent use of things one might actually have laying around the house.  My parents would never have let me mount a pulley from the ceiling.  Bravo!

  16. tomchaps says:

    That was awesome. I’ve been building Rube Goldberg machines with my 6-year old son this year, and now my 3-year old daughter spends her time inventing “triggers”. These projects really do teach patience and perseverance…

    Can I brag a bit?



  17. liquidstar says:

  18. Jim Saul says:

    His first Rube Goldberg at age 5: 

    I, for one, welcome our future time lord.

  19. janeeta says:

    Amazing video… !!! little audri did very fine. I really appreciate him for his work.

  20. Crashproof says:

    I love that he is prepared for lots of failure in the quest for success.  So many kids… no, so many adults don’t have that kind of patience and persistence.

  21. irksome says:

    Yay for Happy-Making things. Fourth try!

    This almost makes up for the loss of Peter Bergman yesterday. How am I to be, Not Insane?

  22. ciacontra says:

    “He is made of pure distillate of awesomesauce. – Cory Doctorow,”  Now where to put that on his college application…

  23. I just showed this to my 5-year-old and as soon as it was over, he said he wanted to make one.  So that’s what we’re off to do now…

  24. Jack Daniel says:

    Rock on Audri!

  25. tsa says:

    What a brilliant young man. Way to go! I enjoyed every second of it.

  26. zombiebob says:

    And for Caturday:

  27. Teller says:

    Lovely. Especially when he laughed at the failures.

  28. chrisspurgeon says:

    There’s a job waiting at when this kid’s out of school.

  29. Melissa Spielman says:

    Audri, you are so awesome.

  30. Ed Ligget. Tuba. says:

    Too bad there will probably be no space program left by the time this young man graduates college.

  31. Crunt says:

    That is everything good. A bright, enthusiastic, curious, creative boy, and a mom who supports and indulges those traits. Rare gems both.

  32. Ivan Bawa says:

    With enough kids like this, the world has a future, even a bright one. Thanks, young man, for your natural, infectious and delightful personality!

  33. ravells says:

    I actually cheered out loud when he got his success. What a great kid. His enthusiasm is so utterly infectious. Wonderful find.

  34. Face it, if you’re under 45, chances are you’re going to end up working for him someday.

  35. noah django says:

     was that really necessary?  do you not have a soul?  please go elsewhere.

  36. Nadreck says:

    Crappy diagnostic man; even overlooking your lack of a full medical history of the subject.  If we must consider the mere meat within which his Titan Intellect resides then note his shortness of breath and the discolouration of at least one of his fingertips.  These data suggest many other possible physical conditions which are keeping him indoors building Rube Goldberg machines instead of the average hyperkinetic activities of the 7-year-old.  Statistically speaking the most significant precursors of being a Happy Mutant are being a first or only child and some congenital problem forbidding athletics.  From such stock do we harvest Technology and Civilisation.

  37. noah django says:

     looks like, in my brevity, i just edged you out getting the first comment taking on that goon.  I defer to your better analysis.  good show, sir or madam.

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