Darth Vader wheezing for ten hours straight

Need ten hours of Darth Vader's mechano-asthmatic wheeze? Look no further, for Murdock129's YouTube video has the soundtrack for your days.

10 Hours of Darth Vader Breathing (via IO9)


  1. This isn’t so bad compared to other videos by the same person. Look at the YouTube channel. It’s like a toolkit for people who want to lock someone in a room and conduct auditory torture. 10 hours of Power Rangers?!? I’ll talk! I swear! I’ll tell you everything I know!

    1.  http://www.loservillex.com/loser/talesfromhell.html

      “What’choo talkin’ bout… Willis?”  XD

  2. Certainly besting Warhol’s 8 hour, Empire State building film (1964) but with a sound track and a couple of extra hours – for those of us with more patience :)

  3. This is very handy if you have a baby clone trooper that you need to get to sleep at night; they find this sound very soothing.

    1.  Exactly. There IS a use for this thing.  I was thinking of scaring my brother.  Set it up on his screen, and then whenever he gets back, it’s there, rather quietly wheezing at him.  Should scare the shit out of him!

  4. Put this stuff on your electronics for use in yesterday’s article on fallout shelter life.

  5. Hoping for 10 hours of “Get Pitted!” or “Willy Wonka You Get Nothing Remix.”

  6. I had it on while I was making dinner. It’s extraordinarily relaxing! I think this is my new meditation background sound.

    Without the booming voice of James Earl Jones, it’s like… aww, he’s sleeping!

    1. there is a hitch in the loop, makes it sound like a chicken bone is catch of a tic…

  7. Eh, I preferred the Enterprise’s ambient noise. But I have had this on for 20 minutes. Now if you’ll excuse me, I must go meditate in my black Sith egg from Planet Ork.

  8. Murdock129 here, I’m amazed by how this has spread, I really just make these for a laugh, and I’m shocked to find sites like this, comedy central and more covering this

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