POV ride-through: Model train replica of Disneyland's Mine Train through Nature's Wonderland

STNautilus created a detailed model-train replica of the long-gone, dearly missed Disneyland Mine Train through Nature's Wonderland. Dan sez, "I nearly plotzed from this scene being so charming." (Warning: contains animated varmints).

Nature's Wonderland Model: Very First POV


  1. come on, Cory…tell me that this scene wouldn’t be improved with gas stations and billboards in every open space

  2. Sooo….I’ve been meaning to ask this for a while now but haven’t. Could Cory or one of the mutant editors here explain to me your fascination with Disney World/Land/corporate franchise of w0rker exploitation and copyright law manipulation?

  3. as a fan of the disney parks and the cultural and technological innovation they represented, and a trenchant critic of the disney-driven flavor of IP maximalism, it’s quite possible to separate the two. 

    it’s rather like agreeing with the founding principles of a government while disagreeing with its current incarnation.

  4. This was around the area of Bear Country, wasn’t it?  Also, I seem to be remembering a dentist’s office in front of the depot, one could hear the screams of some poor cowboy getting a molar pulled out.
    As a boy, I found this ride very quiet and very charming, not everyone wants or needs adrenaline all the time.

    As an example, in Tomorrowland I always preferred Journey To Innerspace and the People Mover than the vertigo-inducing rocket merry-go-round.

  5. I can’t believe how short the queue was to the Judge Judy ride there at the end.  I know where we would have run to next!

  6. Very cool train set. The marmots prop is well done.
    It took my brain a second to reconcile “mine train” with “Disneyland.” I’m used to the mine train being the name of a relatively tame rollercoaster at Six Flags. I forgot that Disney did it first (and better).

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