Tiny, behind-the-ear R2D2 tattoo

Found on Fuck Yeah, Tattoos, an adorable behind-the-ear droid

R2D2 (via The Mary Sue)


  1. Tattoos are so passe. Everyone and their mother has tattoos. My kid wants one, and she’s seven. My grandmother wants one and she’s 94. I saw a nun with a tattoo last week at church. Enough with the tattoos already. It was better when just sailors, bikers, and Polynesians had them.

    1. Yeah, and hairstyles. Those really drown me in ennui.  

      It seems like almost everyone has a hairstyle now. I’m sooo over it.

      Fuckin’ hair.

    2. I was a sailor for a while, and still want a tattoo to mark that, but when I think about having to deal with snarky looks from people like you who would never suspect that I ever climbed a rig in my life…

      Ugh.Seriously. Times change, niches go global. People who want tattoos get tattoos, and even if they’re fugly Twilight themed horrors, it’s their right. 

      Now excuse me while I go pick out a sparrow.

    1. It’s actually not even his back. Really it is a terrible repro of an actual R2 unit. I can accept that his head turns around, but the legs are not even mounted in the right spot compared to the rest of his body.

    1. That was pretty common for a few years, there… I’ve seen lots of loggers of a certain age tattooed with same, though it’s usually on a forearm.

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