Fantasy-themed B&B in Belgium

La Balade des Gnômes is a B&B in Durbuy, Belgium. It has a series of themed rooms kitted out with carved driftwood and various fantastic elements. As the name implies, many of the rooms look like something out of a Brian Froud illustration, but there's also a Jules Verne space-exploration room, Baba Yaga's hut, a troll's den, a Gaudi themed room, and what appears to be a Trojan Horse. It's like a Belgian Madonna Inn, with less kitsch and more fantasy. The site's kind of hard to navigate, and the photos are disappointingly small, but there's a partial set of larger ones on Kozikaza.

La Balade des Gnômes - Chambres de charme - Chambres d'hôtes - Bed&Breakfast à DURBUY (Heyd) (via Neatorama)

(Photo: © Photos P. Schyns - Sofam)


  1. I miss the Sylvia Beach Hotel, a B&B that used to operate in Newport, OR with each room themed for a specific author. It had running journals for each room, and served great dinners at shared tables.

    My wife and I spent our honeymoon in the Poe room (under the pendulum’s blade, between the bust of Pallas and the bricked-up wine cellar), but there were also rooms for Melville, Milne, and others.

  2. Very cool.  I just wonder how they got the chicken legs under Baba Yaga’s hut to work.

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