Following rumors that his cat had run away from home, Russian president Dmitry Medvedev reassured Twitter, the nation and the world that Dorofei is safe. This is not Dorofei's first scrape; he once lost a fight with neighbor and former president Mikhail Gorbachev's cat. [Reuters]

11 Responses to “Medvedev cat safe”

  1. jahxman says:

    In modern day Russia, lost cat finds YOU…
    …oh never mind…

  2. joeposts says:


  3. Ashen Victor says:

    It is safe now? Yes? Wow, now I can sleep again!

  4. We all know that Dorofei is just a puppet run by Putin’s cat.

  5. I was expecting an article on how the Russian premier stores his felines in a vault…

  6. Gemma says:

    I was expecting a story about Medvedev storing his cat in a safe. Should I be relieved or disappointed?

  7. info says:

    In Russia, cat is both lost and found until you ask.

  8. I will transmit this information to Vladimir.

  9. Antinous / Moderator says:

    Run away?  He was lured away by a US satellite-based laser pointer.

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