Here's what it sounds like to live with a corgi

If you need some cuteness in your life, or more corgi content, or some bonus animal ASMR, here's a great thirty-second video featuring Brady and Graffiti, two Pembroke Welsh corgis, and all of the weird and wonderful noises they make. The adorable fluffy-butts live in the Chicago suburbs with their humans.

In this video you can see and hear the doggos yawning like Chewbacca, coughing, slurping, crunching, whining, sneezing, grunting, shaking like penguins, and more. I've watched it on loop a few times—I find it hilarious and relaxing. And Corgis are ridiculously cute, no matter what they're up to.

For more of this delightful pair, follow them on TikTokInstagram, or YouTube.