Drunkard's serenade: "Bohemian Rhapsody" from the back of a police car


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  1. BonzoDog1 says:

    Remembering the entire lyrics of “Bohemian Rhapsody” should be a part of every field sobriety test.

  2. DJ says:

    That would be in Edson, Alberta. Props to RCMP for letting him finish in the garage…

    • teknocholer says:

      Yes, but it would have been even more awesome if the officer(s) had joined in on “No, we will not let you go”.

  3. Larry Rubinow says:

    Looks suspiciously like Jonathan Coulton …

  4. stumo says:

    He mentions “RCMP” at the very end – Royal Canadian Mounted Police?

    May well be a fake; if not, he was in the car for 40 min between the first and 2nd clip (or someone needs to get their clocks synchronised…) – but still rather well done!

  5. franko says:

    aside from being incredibly impressed that he remembered the whole thing, the ending is the best part. don’t skip anything.

  6. My girlfriend played this while getting ready for school this morning. I was deeply unamused. I know I’m not exactly Captain Keychange, but damn, dude.

  7. Jim Lahey is a drunk bastard.

  8. grimc says:

    The Smoking Gun has an interview with the guy, a homebrewer/karaoke singer


  9. autark says:

    idiot… now they have him for copyright violation too!  did he pay harry fox for that performance?

  10. Not that soulful, to be honest.

  11. davidwho says:

    I really appreciate how the cop seemed to let him finish – the car was parked for most of the song.

  12. teknocholer says:

    Confessing to having just killed a man doesn’t show the soundest of judgement.

  13. Sekino says:

    If I were one of the officers, I couldn’t possibly have resisted singing along. That’s some will power right there.

    I just love how he totally chills after the song and placidly asks them if they need to cuff him.

    • metafactory says:

      Definitely, the ending is the best part after the RCMP asks if he’s going to behave he replies in a great Alberta accent: “chuff, physical violence is the least of my priorities”

  14. William Joseph Dunn says:

    Kind of started to  phone it in by the time he got to the “nothing really matters” part. Still better than American Idol though.

  15. Gus Mueller says:

    i wouldn’t be confessing a murder so openly in a police car if i were him. i’m sure scalia wouldn’t halt his execution

  16. Diogenes says:

    Please, somebody, autotune this and help the guy out!  His heart was the right place even if his pitch wasn’t.

  17. Editz says:

    It’s David After Dentist in 20 years.

  18. joojooinblue says:

    EVEN THE RCMP!!!! lol – hilarious

    “Physical violence is the least of my priorities….”

    And no one knew this happened in Canada when it was first posted? lol

  19. I was definitely singing along for the whole song. Respect for remembering the lyrics and mini guitar solos to this non “verse chorus verse chorus verse” song, while drunk.

  20. Gainclone says:

    “And they say he ran away… BRANDED!”

    If it were The States, this fellow would have had the bejezus tased out of him before the song even began. Despite his inherent and Dude-like pacifism.

  21. Kevin Pierce says:

    With the elimination of their penny, we now anticipate Canadians giving a full nickle’s worth instead of the once-customary two-cents worth. Inflation, eh?

  22. Sean F says:

    Most cops are decent folk.  It’s nice to see a civil interaction caught on tape.

  23. snagglepuss says:

    This is SO going in my covers rotation. Gotta check to see when the original charted….

  24. 3:40 He’s channeling Andy from Parks & Rec.

  25. Sean Burns says:

    I understand he was found not guilty by reason of insanity. Singing “Bohemian  Rhapsody” while arrested is now known in legal circles as “The Canadian Defense”.

  26. HUMUNGOUS says:

    A drunkard is someone who is habitually drunk. In other words, an alcoholic. Although in this video this dude is apparently drunk, that does not make him a drunkard.

  27. dicebourbon says:

    Waited till I myself was drunk to watch this. Good stuff.

  28. mithrastheprophet says:

    I’m as charmed by the performance as the rest of you, but it might be worth noting that the guy was charged with DUI. Which, if true, put people other than himself in danger. Makes him no less funny but much less of a hero.

  29. enlo says:

    And now the video is removed because of copyright violation… seriously EMI?

    • Felton / Moderator says:

      Fair use should definitely cover singing a song while drunk in the back of a police car.  I’d put it under “educational purposes.”

  30. Simeon says:

    EMI hate fun

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