How DRM weakens publishers' negotiating leverage with retailers


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  1. Wasn’t there some publisher back in the day who said something pithy about the ill-advised compromises people tend to make when fear clouds their judgement?

  2. angusm says:

    Hmm … Cory says that DRM is “a whip to beat us with”. And his collaborator Charles Stross makes very much the same point but calls it “a stick with which to beat [publishers]“

    So which is it? A whip? Or a stick? Why can’t you guys get your stories straight?

  3. That is the ultimate aim of DRM, to lock back in the market so you have to be fully “In the system” to publish anything on a computer/reader.

    The music industry doesn’t care that there are plenty of artists out there who make their own music with NO sampling from copyright sources.  Or rather they DO care.  They want it so that even if you produce your own stuff on your own you won’t be able to load it to anyone else’s MP3 player, even for free.  You’ll have to “Buy a license” / get permission and if you bypass the DRM you’ll get sued or go to jail.  They’ll claim it’s open to any producer, but to get in the market will require an investment of millions and will still be subject to the plug being pulled a dozen different ways.

    —Look up the recent expose of the “MPAA” for instance.  That right there is a creative foil to any “Independent” act but an enabler to something the major studios put out.

    Likewise with books, webpages, etc.  They fear any real competition. 

  4. digi_owl says:

    I love the contrast of Boingboing, where else do you find postings gushing superlatives about Apple products side by side with ones taking them to task about bad behavior?

  5. Lodewijk Gonggrijp says:

    If you buy stuff with DRM you deserve what you get.

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