Documentary about 1970s northern California Star Trek conventions


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  1. goldenearth says:

    I was a tiny child when the first Star Trek series was broadcast. I vaguely recall watching it. But 15 years passed when I was walking across my college campus and I suddenly started seeing “STAR TREK BLOOPERS FILM FEST” signs stuck in the grass all over campus. Even then, for years I would see these ads for Star Trek blooper film shows. I’m sure there’s someone out there who specifically knows the history of the “blooper side” of Trek Fandom

    On a similar note, I’m quite proud of the fact that I have zero interest in all the various iterations of “Star Trek” – even the cult of the Shatner puts me to sleep. But the fan phenomenon does seem somewhat interesting. Thanks!

  2. inkfumes says:

    I recognize that bearded fellow as our local comic book purveyor in lovely downtown Santa Cruz, California…

  3. ravells says:

    That (awful) background music makes it hard to hear what people are saying.

  4. Rider says:

    So is there anywhere to actually see this documentary.  this is becoming a new blight on the internet.  Trailers for documentaries that no one can ever see.  

  5. technogeekagain says:

    I know folks who are still  involved in fairly serious production of Star Trek fan films. Some of the pics I’ve seen of costuming, makeup, and sets (yeah, real physical sets, fully wired, not bluescreen computer-generated — where the heck do they find _space_ for those?) are pretty impressive.

  6. rtresco says:

  7. jnordb says:

    “The nerds…they are my people.”My son and I attended ECCC last weekend; it’s interesting to see how some of the costumes have improved over the years.

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