Stormtrooper Easter egg


5 Responses to “Stormtrooper Easter egg”

  1. Brainspore says:

    That’s one tough looking trooper. You might even say hardboiled.

  2. Looks like a Stormtrooper with an afro and a beard.

  3. Dave Pease says:

    it looks great.  that said when i saw the picture i expected the project description to be ‘i did this with a sharpie and about ten minutes’.

    • enterthestory says:

      You don’t understand progress. Why spend ten minutes with a sharpie when you can spend hundreds of dollars and a couple of hours with a CraftRobo Pro cutter/ plotter, Adobe illustrator, a stencil, some sticky backed plastic, matt acrylic paint and a scalpel? All that technology to makes our lives so much easier. Next thing you will be saying she should have created her own art instead of using pre-packaged megacorp imagery. Though it does concern me that there was no mention of paying any licensing fees.

      • CvilleJohn1234 says:

         Holy cow, the harshness!  Look, there’s no way this could be made to look so good with a sharpie, especially in 10 minutes.  It took tech smarts wedded to a cute idea.  I couldn’t do it.  Hat’s off.

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