Stormtrooper Easter egg

Nicola sez, "I made this for my husband last weekend and he mentioned in passing that he thought I should send it in to you. I created it using a CraftRobo Pro cutter/ plotter, a stencil I made in illustrator and some sticky backed plastic and then painted over it with matt acrylic paint. Tidying up any areas that went wrong with a scalpel (you can etch slightly into the egg if need be). He loves it. I think I'll have to make him a new one each year until he has an army!"

My husband is a huge Star Wars fan. The last time... | next to nicx (Thanks, Nicola!)


  1. it looks great.  that said when i saw the picture i expected the project description to be ‘i did this with a sharpie and about ten minutes’.

    1. You don’t understand progress. Why spend ten minutes with a sharpie when you can spend hundreds of dollars and a couple of hours with a CraftRobo Pro cutter/ plotter, Adobe illustrator, a stencil, some sticky backed plastic, matt acrylic paint and a scalpel? All that technology to makes our lives so much easier. Next thing you will be saying she should have created her own art instead of using pre-packaged megacorp imagery. Though it does concern me that there was no mention of paying any licensing fees.

      1.  Holy cow, the harshness!  Look, there’s no way this could be made to look so good with a sharpie, especially in 10 minutes.  It took tech smarts wedded to a cute idea.  I couldn’t do it.  Hat’s off.

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