Understanding TPP, ACTA's nastier, more secret little brother


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  1. EH says:

    Lamar Smith’s PCIPA includes this dreck as well, with an added “children + porn” angle:



  2. camerara says:

    Just a quick question. Is anyone organising a boycott yet? I could do without buying any MPAA related movies or music until this stops.

    • EH says:

      Gosh, maybe someone will set up an internet petition, too. We can only hope to produce a leader who can bring these forces of group intent to bear on the workings of nobody.

    • Eric Rucker says:

      Why organize a boycott when you can just do it?

      The trick is, a boycott isn’t actually all that effective.

      What you need is protest. I’ve proposed ideas for protest, but I haven’t really gotten any feedback, and I don’t have experience with organizing protest.

      But, really, picketing movie theaters on release nights of big MPAA films, and concert venues where big RIAA artists are playing, is the way to go IMO.

  3. camerara says:

    Fine, lets do nothing then. Thanks for the sarcasm.

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