2012 Hugo Award nominees announced


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  1. IvonaPoyntz says:

    Great list, thanks

  2. Egypt Urnash says:

    “Best Graphic Story (339 ballots)
    Digger by Ursula Vernon (Sofawolf Press)”


    Being an adult just became officially awesome.

    • Tarliman says:

      Fables is excellent work, but it’s on Volume 15. Digger is a completed, self-contained work by a writer/artist who’s never won this major an award before. The Hugos need to recognize new talent, not just reward established talent for continuing to produce. Please, PLEASE, let Ursula win the Hugo. Oh, and ask her about the Raglands who sell maille at conventions. We’re not close friends of hers, but we’ve connected a couple of times.

      • Egypt Urnash says:

        It’s complicated, though. Because Fables has been up for the comics Hugo every year since its inception, and has not won – because none can stand against the titan that is the fans of Foglio’s Girl Genius.

        Here’s the Wikipedia page with the history of the award.

        So even though I love Ursula, and would be ABSOLUTELY DELIGHTED to see someone in my circles get the Hugo… let’s be real, the only reason anyone besides the Foglios really has a CHANCE this year is because they said “okay guys three Hugos in a row is enough, we are stepping aside to let someone else take one”. Arguably it is HIGH TIME that Fables – or Schlock Mercenary, which is also a triple-nominee – earned a sleek chrome rocket!

        That said if I was attending Worldcon, Ursula would totally be getting my vote because she might let me touch it afterwards.

        • MichaelWalsh says:

          No need to be attending Worldcon to vote.  There is a less expensive  membership class called Supporting (i.e. non-attending) that allows you to nominate material for the final ballot (which is what is here) and also to vote on the final ballot.  And site selection for the 2014 Worldcon!  Details here: https://chicon.org/membership.php#types

  3. Jardine says:

    I love Doctor Who, but it’s sad that there isn’t enough good science fiction and fantasy on tv to be nominated so that Doctor Who isn’t half the ballot every year. Every year since it started, 2-3 episodes are on the ballot.

    The episode of Community that was nominated was a good idea. It was good science fiction and good comedy.

  4. MichaelWalsh says:

    “it’s sad that there isn’t enough good science fiction and fantasy on tv to be nominated”

    After the Hugo Award Ceremony, the extended nomination list will be published where you can see the the number of votes each of the finalists received to get on the ballot, plus a list of what didn’t quite make it.  For the awards last year, here’s the extended list, starting on page 17: http://www.thehugoawards.org/content/pdf/2011%20Final%20Ballot.pdf

    As you scroll through the results, you’ll discover how important just a few votes can be.

  5. “Among Others” is utterly beautiful.  I cried my eyes out.  

  6. fussbucket says:

    let it be noted that  in the category of novelette geoff ryman’s “what we found” was published in the magazine of fantasy and science fiction sep/oct ’11 issue and not the mar/apr ’11 issue

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