Tony Blair channels Ronald Reagan, "doesn't remember" sending dissidents to Libya for torture


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  1. Antinous / Moderator says:

    Heeeeeeere’s Tony!

  2. EH says:

    This is why I want electoral debates to include questions about the candidates memories, so we can get them on record about these weaknesses before they’re elected. I believe it used to be called “character.”

  3. yri says:

    Probably got addicted to Retcon while PM. Ianto Jones was selling it to him on the side for pizza money.

  4. Joel Phillips says:

    Tony Blair … insists that Libya was a fine partner in the war on terror

    I can understand how he made some phenomenally bad judgements (backing Bush, supporting Gaddafi, …); everyone makes bad judgements.  I can understand why he chose to lie about WMDs; he probably didn’t realise quite how big a lie it was at the time.  But I can’t understand why he persists in attempting to weasel out of his mistakes.  Surely he’s not scared of prosecution, so what exactly is he trying to achieve?  

    • stupocalypto says:

      Overcompensating for the fact he DID know how huge a lie a it was at the time; a country was invaded on false grounds and consequently thousands of people died.

      Nearly a million of us march to stop it, knowing it was on false grounds, yet the decision was predetermined and cynical.

      Short answer, he’s a politician.

      • Marja Erwin says:

        And a war criminal.

        • Joel Phillips says:

          Maybe he ought to be considered a war criminal, but he’s never going to be prosecuted as one.  You’d have a hard time arguing that there was no justification at all for removing Saddam.  Blair’s major error was supporting an American-led invasion that had absolutely no post-invasion plan, other than a naive belief in the ability of formal democracy and free markets to make everything work.  Wishful thinking and hubris.  However, unfortunately, an inability to plan strategically is not a war crime.  

          N.B. the non-existence of WMDs is a distraction – even if they had existed, it wouldn’t have made the war any more successful or the post-war administration any less reprehensible.

    • eerd says:

      Not to be a Blairite apologist, but at the time saying Gaddafi was a partner in the war on terror made sense. Libya was giving up its attempts at WMDs and was having its own difficulties with the LIFG, which whom Belhaj was linked. According to wikipedia, when Belhaj left Libya he went to Afghanistan and helped train the Taliban.

      You can see why – with Libya moving closer to the US/UK, and Gaddafi wanting a guy who seemed to be in cahoots with Taliban – Tripoli looked like an ally.

      Obviously, though, rendition is disgusting and Blair’s evasion looks distinctly weaselly.

      • EH says:

        Oh yes, Libya’s WMDs. Gaddafi was totally foregoing new Rolls Royces to bump up his poison gas supply. LOL.

      • Joel Phillips says:

        But that’s kind of the point – it was capable of being justified at the time, but in retrospect was the wrong call.  He’s no longer engaged in national politics, so he needn’t be frightened of subtleties – if anything, his political legacy probably depends on him showing that he can embrace the subtleties.  So why does he still speak like someone who’s trying to win votes? 

        • eerd says:

           Given Blair’s newfound role – roving the Middle East, selling his services – it may be considered impolitic for him to accept his part in rendering Belhaj, who has well established links with the Qatar.

  5. Finnagain says:

    I  bet there are people who could make him talk.

  6. JProffitt71 says:

    That man has an excellent troll face.

    Also he’s an utter prick.

  7. Judas Peckerwood says:

    I remember when Blair and Labour swept into power, and not knowing much about British politics, I congratulated a lefty Scottish friend of mine on the end of Thatcherism. He just shook his head and spat and muttered “That’s not MY Labour Party.”

    I took me awhile to understand what he meant and how right he was.

  8. Bill Walsh says:

    Probably because he didn’t. You really think politicians decide anything or have any real power?

  9. That_Anonymous_Coward says:

    Aww he doesn’t remember.  Luckily for everyone else the British Government likes to record all communications.  So if its good enough for the people, its good enough for the leaders.  Lets drag out the records shall we?

  10. pjcamp says:

    Has he been playing hockey?

  11. unfairrobot says:

    If he has early-onset Alzheimer’s, shouldn’t he step down from office?

  12. afs97209 says:

    I’m about done with Right Wing Memory Loss Syndrome. Claiming one is suffering from huge memory gaps should have very serious repercussions in in the personal life. Someone claiming major life incident memory loss should instantly lose every one of their security clearances.

  13. cdh1971 says:

    This picture of Tony Blair makes me feel better about my teeth…but my brain still hurts. 

    Maybe if I let my teeth get like Mr. Blair’s, the pain will end. (Picture is of someone who resembles me.)

  14. rattypilgrim says:

    Tony Blair converted to Catholicism after his term was over. Sort of the way U.S. Republicans get re-born before the Hague catches up with them, but a little classier.
    Blair was right in the thick of it with Bush,  Cheney, Condoleeza Rice,  Rumsfeld, and the rest of them.  War criminals all. But, apparently untouchable.

    • koko szanel says:

      >Blair was right in the thick of it with Bush, Cheney, Condoleeza Rice, Rumsfeld

      Dont forget Polish prime minister at the time Leszek Miller, he was the one managing CIAs concentration camp in Poland.

  15. DouglasLucchetti says:

    Aren’t we still torturing people…or having our ‘client’ states do it for us, or letting us use their prisons? Instead of trying to shut down Guantanamo we should make it all go live and on line and serve as an example of just how we want our soldiers to be treated if they are unfortunate to be held captive by our enemies.

  16. thatbob says:

    Wait, what?  The FOIA request was denied only because it was filed by  a foreign parliament and not by a US citizen?   UK parliamentary committee: I am a US citizen.  Call me.  You help me with the paperwork, I’ll file the FOIA request in my own damn name.  I ask nothing in return.

    But if you wind up supporting the prosecution of the Bush torture posse for its war crimes in an international court, well, cool.  But even if you don’t/won’t, call me.  (Boingboing, Anonymous and AT&T: you have my permission to facilitate this call.)

  17. benher says:

    Christ, what a tooth… wait, what was this story about again?

  18. flyoverland says:

    Ronald Reagan was suffering from Alzheimer’s in case your forgot. Not sure what this guy’s excuse is. 

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