Commemorative Canadian quarters with glow-in-the-dark dino skeletons


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  1. Christopher says:

    I collect foreign coins, and particularly love Canadian coins (I started with them because they so often turned up in loose change). Normally I prefer to stick to coins that will actually circulate, even if I purchase them in uncirculated condition.

    I’m assuming these, unlike Canada’s red poppy and pink ribbon quarters, will not actually circulate, but I still want one. Or more. Glow in the dark coins…that’s awesome.

    • Dan Hibiki says:

       Not for circulation. Good thing too, it would be a shame to wear them all off by putting them in circulation.

      • Christopher says:

        Good point. You might also have problems like the one caused by the 2004 Canadian quarter with a red poppy on it. One of those turned up in the Pentagon and apparently someone thought it was a listening device.

        I can’t imagine what kind of panic glowing dinosaur coins would cause if they turned up in someone’s pocket change. The US would probably end up invading. Blame Canada!

  2. therantguy says:

    Of course the glow in the dark effect will fade with time…

  3. RHK says:

    Kinda sad the QE side won’t have a glow in the dark skull.

  4. Preston Sturges says:

    Paleontologists are still mystified by its three front legs and one back leg.

  5. Douglas Ross says:

    Queen Elizabeth II on the ‘heads’ side should have her skull glowing as well.

  6. DevinC says:

    Yeeeah, in your face U.S.!

    Who da man of North America now?  We da man!  The polite, perennially refrigerated DINOSAUR-LOVIN man!  

    In your face!  

    (Because you should look at these things very closely, because they are awesome.)

    • morgane says:


      right now, i would exchange our Prime Minister for their President in an heartbeat. So hold on the victory party festivities. We have an anti-science, anti-environment PM to deal with for 3 more years. That makes me damn scared.

  7. David Gaffney says:

    Our new 50 dollar bill smells faintly of Maple Syrup as well. No joke. 

  8. penguinchris says:

    I was excited to learn of these a few days ago and was planning on trying to find some since I live on the border and have friends in Toronto. Then I found out that you’ll only be able to get them at post offices and they’ll cost $30 each

    I wouldn’t mind paying a small premium, but that’s a bit much. It’s a shame because that price means few people besides serious coin collectors will buy these. I hope at least that a few are bought as gifts for kids.

    • Preston Sturges says:

      Except Canada doesn’t have “post offices,” so you have to go to the postage counter at the Rexall pharmacy. 

      • bytefyre says:

        We do have post offices, there’s one in my hometown it could be just that its pretty small (only 25k) I’ve never actually seen a Post Office in the city. that’s where they keep the “Post Office” boxes :P

      • BombBlastLightingWaltz says:

        that would be a postal outlet. 

        Canada Post does have operating Post Offices in large urban centres, but rural areas may not. 

  9. urpBurp says:

    This is not a “Want”… it’s a “Need, Need, Need”…

  10. technogeekagain says:

    Hm. I may have to swing by the post awful next time I go North. That is definitely cute.

  11. Itsumishi says:

    I hope they’ll still kicking around come September when I’m in that half of the world. These are radio.

  12. kringlebertfistyebuns says:

    These are available on the Royal Canadian Mint’s website: 

    I purchased two – shipped to the US, the total was $72.89.

  13. Martijn Vos says:

    How come the Canadian Mint is so awesome?

    • Warren Grant says:

       Have you seen our new bills? They are very cool IMHO. Polymer, with a clear patch that has holograms inside it, plus braille like 3d areas. The $100 and $50 bills are out, but not any of the others just yet. They are going to be very hard to counterfeit and the bills should be a lot more durable than the old cloth/paper ones. Here’s some video:

  14. Listener43 says:

    I’m pretty sure there’s a missing meta-tarsal in the left rear foot.
    It’s hard to be absolutely certain because of the pixels.

  15. a_w_young says:

    The Harper Conservative  government decided to retire the penny so they could make glow-in-the-dark quarters featuring images of their caucus on them.

  16. Here is the actual description of the pieces at the Canadian Mint.

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