Destructive, weird and absurd acts recorded in super-duper-slo-mo

This impressive slow-motion video was submitted to the Danish TV show "Dumt & Farligt." The video was captured with a 2500fps Phantom Flex camera, and the filmmakers really racked their brains for the most absurd, dangerous and weird destructive acts to record under extreme conditions, including running over a milkshake with a lawnmower, exploding a sealed bottle of red wine with a microwave, and overfilling a waterbed until it ruptured.

Best Slow motion Ever – Stupidity captured at 2500 Frames per secondThanks, Fabien!)


  1. The music choice was great! Also, it’s amusing to ponder that the bill for all the things they destroyed (not to mention cleaning up that house) is still smaller than the bill for renting one of those cameras for a day.

  2. At 2:36 – 2:36 you can clearly see the “bullet” come back into frame after passing through the Coke can and traveling back toward the direction fired.  Scary.

  3. The bullet-disposable lighter reminded me of a near-fatality of when the Bic first came on the market and a welder had one in his shirt pocket until a welding spark popped in. The story got around in the trade and they all went back to Zippos.

      1. Alright it’s not wine, but I still question a man’s sanity when he blows up a microwave inside a garage…

  4. :O
    “indoor fireworks”
    “flour & candle”
    “waterbed & needle”

    so… much… destruction…. mind can’t comprehend. i’d love to know more about the aftermath of the waterbed. who’s place was destroyed to get *that* footage?

  5. The flour+candle one almost replicated an accident I had when much younger, that ended up with a severa-foot-across fireball of gasoline vapor with my head and upper body entirely within the fireball.  I do NOT recommend anyone replicate these, if you’re breathing in at the wrong second you can get mouth, throat, or even lung burns, and the face and hair and clothes on fire are not fun even if you avoid fatal internal injury.

  6. What is the value of the “meh” comment? Well, it is sort of a minimal criticism suggesting that the author has not pushed hard enough, has not ‘really’ dealt with the material, has not honored the audience by delivering on tacit promises. 


      1. That is a highly bizarre standard to expect a critic to uphold, whatever the level of seriousness intended.

  7. Not that it makes much difference, but it’s a carton of creme fraiche, not a milkshake, that they chuck into the lawn mower.

    In that one, and the chainsaw + bottle of coke, I like the remnants of the previous awesome stuff-demolishing experiments…

  8. Oh goody, another one for the Phantom Flex subfolder in my HD vids directory
    : )
    Love the tune, too.

    /looks up Trentemøller

    Thanks, Nathan : D

  9. Sooooommmmmeeee mmmeeeeeeennn juuuuuuuusst waaaaaaantt tooo waaatch thhheeeee woooooooorrlld buuuuurrrrrrnn.

  10. “Flour and Candle” – I expect that people might be surprised that a handful of flour can instantly catch file, when released above a candle. However, in flour packing factories, they are constantly worried about static electricity, since a spark can ignite flour in the air, and cause a huge explosion.  The same problem exists with grain elevators.

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