CISPAcat: using memes to fight America's terrible, net-breaking "cybersecurity" bill


12 Responses to “CISPAcat: using memes to fight America's terrible, net-breaking "cybersecurity" bill”

  1. [A] says:

    I don’t understand any of this

  2. Tyler Riddle says:

    This is good because if complaining, protesting, and voting haven’t accomplished a damn thing we know the power of cats will solve all problems with Government. 

  3. Ethan Taliesin Houser says:

    Memes are a good way to reach a large number f people, but I hope that it doesn’t trivialize it.

  4. peterblue11 says:

    i made loads of these memes when the italian wikipedia was taken offline… nobody cared

  5. So CISPA is coming. The whole SOPA thing was for entirely nothing, zip, zilch. Nice to see how your “representatives” have like an attention span to their constituents of about 5 minutes. 

    • autark says:

       I don’t think they have a short attention span. I think they know exactly what they’re doing.  They expect *US* to have a short attention span and not notice that they’re passing whatever damn laws they want when they think we’re not paying attention.  It’s incumbent upon us to be vigilant and let them know we’re not complacent… only when they fear an ever watchful eye will they truly represent.

      • And yet CISPA is passing largely unopposed by the masses. So they’re entirely right about our short attention span.

        • MB44 says:

          Yup, just as we expected it would. This country gets the government it deserves, that’s for sure. It’s just too bad that a minority with brains and forsight has to suffer so much due to the apathy of the rest.

  6. theophrastvs says:

     It’s a molluscular race of attention spans!  The cohort which manages by shear force of caffeine to resist waddling off to see who’s on dancing-with-the-stars last wins control of the whole dystopian landscape.

  7. Wingnut says:

    Bumper sticker philosophies…

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