Making your first papercraft automaton

Make's Meg Allan Cole recorded her first attempt at assembling a papercraft mechanical automaton, choosing a handsome Mario Bros number. The short video gives you a flavor for what's involved. Here's the files if you want to try it yourself.

Mario Brothers Papercraft Automaton


  1. The voice-over discusses something ‘self-moving’, a ‘robot’, an ‘automaton’.  The video, however, shows something that moves when you crank it by hand.

  2. Agreed; these are not really automatons, despite her (re-)definition at the beginning.

    And while I’m here kvetching, I’d like to finally mention something that’s been bugging me for too long: Poor agreement in grammatical number.

    A usage like “Here’s the files” shouldn’t ever appear on BB as it does above, but I keep seeing it here, and it’s jarring and distracting. It’s particularly bad because I see it so often from Cory and Maggie, two professional writers whom I particularly admire. Except, you know, for this.

    I will almost certainly have misspelled something above or left out some word necessary for grammatical clarity. I am prepared to pay the pedant’s penance.

  3. Yeah, sure, now you taught me how to make my first one but how do I make my second one? Way to leave me high and dry!

  4.  The one that drives me batty is using “comprise” with the syntax meant for “compose.”  And I just discovered yesterday that even Carl Sagan is guilty of that grammatical transgression on Cosmos!

  5. Is it just me or was the cam mounted the wrong way ? It would make more sense for the coin motion to be a little behind mario’s, rather than the other way

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