Slouching is for suckers

A 1953 Centron Corporation educational film explains how poor posture is the root of all social misery, poor health, and general malaise. And that's one to grow on.

Here is what you’ll learn today, fellow computer users: slouching is the reason no one talks to you at parties, even if you’re a perfectly attractive and friendly person, and the key to good posture is exercise, rest, and good shoes. Though we will tell you one thing: If your reflection in the mirror is mocking you because of your posture, you might have bigger problems than slouching.

1950s Educational Film Explains: Slouching Is For Terrible People [Video]


  1. So slouching is the key to effective self-isolation? I will have to remember that for when the zombie apocalypse happens.

  2. America’s war against people who are female, queer, physically challenged or different continues…

  3. Wait, there is something profound.  The students are advised to seek help from the science teacher.  Imagine how impossible that is now.  Instead, they would be directed to their preacher, or the celebrity self help web page on “posture”.  

  4. Ok, it’s cheesy, but… A  couple of years ago when I was hunting for a job, my ironclad rule was always to do yoga the night before a job interview. Felt like it helped to me.

  5. I’m a 50s kid and my aunt was alway’s harping on me not to slouch.  No wonder I read boing boing, I’m such a sucker.

  6. “poor posture is the root of all social misery, poor health, and general malaise”

    I thought it was either due to masturbation or jazz music.

  7. I’d laugh, but it’s the root of my rotator cuff bursitis, which has kept me out of the gym, which as impacted my weight, which…

  8. Finally, medical science figured out that the natural position of the spine is NOT upright like a toy soldier. it IS slightly forward. That is what the human spine has evolved for. As a result, schools, and an increasing number of employers have finally gotten this “posture” nonsense out of their heads. 

  9. Posture is a lost art.  It’s mind-boggling being around a bar these days, or a school at prom time, and seeing so many young men and women dressed up fancy and looking like refugees from a costume party, simply because their posture is so poor.  Movie awards (Oscars, Grammies, et. al.)  are another great source of amusement and disappointment.

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