Beautiful photos from the Hubble Space Telescope


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  1. Ali Hasan says:

    I agree with your statement. that’s wonderful.

  2. Guest says:

    How much longer than 1000 years? Maybe 1012 more? just wonderin’

  3. Keith K says:

    If you look around a bit on that last link, you’ll also notice that NASA hosts the raw data online, so you can actually make color versions yourself if you have a little Photoshop know-how.

  4. Jorpho says:

    They found the Nexus, amirite?

  5. This image is not from the HST but it has hands down got to be the single most haunting image ever produced.  200,000 Galaxies in a single image. Just try and wrap your mind around that. It is just beyond….beyond.

  6. Ultan says:

    Just to be a little pedantic, if it is glowing on its own, as it appears to be, doesn’t that make it a plasma, which is as different from a gas as a gas is from a liquid?
    [Edit: not that all plasmas glow, but if it glows, it's a plasma]

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