Henna "crowns" for chemotherapy patients


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  1. David Horton says:

    I can totally see it on ya. Bet there’s someone closer than Toronto that could decorate your noggin.

  2. Antinous / Moderator says:

    Searching for head mehndi gets quite a few results.

  3. novium says:

    What a great idea. It’s beautiful.

  4. Karen Bliss says:

    This is an original article written for Samaritanmag.com Please link to the story on our site please (where you mention it in the first sentence). Thanks for your support.

  5. andreasma says:


    I just found out that the Vapor Room, one of San Francisco’s oldest, best run, most reputable, safe, legitimate and above board dispensaries is being evicted by their landlord who is being extorted by the DoJ with threats of forfeiture of their *building*. [Oh and also, they couldn't find any charges against bankers, but seem to have no problem in not just bending but raping the law when it suits.]

    If the Vapor Room is not an above board legitimate dispensary, and is therefore being targeted according to Obama for “flouting” the law and abusing the medical marijuana laws for profit, then THERE IS NO LEGITIMATE DISPENSARY.  Both the DoJ and the president are lying, unfortunately. They are not going after the dodgy dispensaries, they are going after ALL dispensaries. 

    On a scale of 0 to 10, where zero is as “dodgy” as the Medellin Cartel, and Walgreens is a totally legitimate pharmacy at a 9, then VR was a 10. They sure checked ID and prescriptions more thoroughly and consistently than Walgreens does. VR was full of chemo patients, epileptics, MS and ALS patients in wheelchairs and people from every walk of life. If they are not legit, no one is legit and the DoJ is satisfied with nothing less than a complete abolition of medical marijuana in CA. 

    This is the third dispensary within 50 miles that is closing this way and I am running out of dispensaries. I expect I will have to drive 50+ miles next month. I am truly terrified that I will lose access to the only medicine that keeps my panic attacks and anxiety at bay and either have to get my medicine from a street dealer or switch to Xanax, Valium or benzo-diazepams. I’ll use a dealer, though because those drugs are addictive, make me sick and make me so fuzzy I can’t work. 

    I will join you in Sacramento for a march

    • billstewart says:

      Golden Gate Park, at the Hippie Hill drum circle, can pretty consistently provide what you need.  It won’t have the same quality control or selection of strains as a dispensary, but from a Federal standpoint it’s a local police crime problem, not a political embarrassment, so by being illegal (for the sellers, not for you), it’s in some sense more legal.

      • andreasma says:

        Can they ensure that I don’t get a sativa strain that will cause me to have a panic/anxiety attack instead of helping? No, that’s what my dispensary did. 

        Can they source a high-CBD strain for analgesic relief for those who do not want the pyscho-active effects?  No, that’s what my dispensary did. 

        Can they provide quality edibles for slow-release?  No, that’s what my dispensary did. 

        Do they inspect every new batch with a microscope to protect against contamination by fungus, mites, pesticides or any other impurities?  No, that’s what my dispensary did. 

        There’s a huge difference between safe, consistent and legal access to the medicine someone needs to function and “scoring some dope” from the hippies in GG park. Nothing against recreational use or hippies, but it’s not the same thing. 

        That’s why this crackdown is so insidious and hypocritical: they are hitting the good clinics, pushing legitimate patients into the black market. 

    • Xeni Jardin says:

      Thanks for this. Sorry to hear the news.

  6. Bob N Johnson says:

    I only hope that when it is my turn I will be able to face whatever happens in a positive way too.

    As Jimi said, I’m gonna wave my freak flag high! Meaning be proud of being different you beautiful hippies.

  7. duc chau says:

    Ha! Awesome. I’ve been trying to get my wife to get one. She just went through radiation for brain cancer and she very literally has a half head of hair… right side back length, left side nothing. It’s super hard core… almost as cool as the 15 gimongous staples she had sticking out her head after surgery. Anyways, I think a henna tattoo would be bad ass.

    Is there any sort of henna type substitute that comes in black?

    • Antinous / Moderator says:

      There’s a product marketed as ‘black henna’, which is extremely dangerous and can leave permanent scars, so avoid that. There’s always indigo.

    • awjt says:

      Sharpie! She will be *ULTRA FINE*

  8. Ben Gruagach says:

    BEWARE of  “black henna” as it is definitely not safe!  http://www.hennapage.com/henna/warnings.html

  9. awjt says:

    Xeni, I love how you are unafraid of being a pioneer.  You set a great example.  If I ever get cancer (again), I am doing it *YOUR WAY.*  I was just a tot when it grabbed me, but if it should happen again as an adult, now I know what to do, how to be.  THANKS!!!

  10. very beautiful indeed!

  11. 10xor01 says:

    With or without henna, bald women are beautiful.

  12. Darcy V. says:

    So exciting to see my work here! You can see more examples of my henna crowns at http://www.hennalounge.com 

  13. Anyone looking for henna crowns in New England (Boston, Providence, etc) – please contact me at http://www.HennaByHeather.com :)

    And wow, once again Darcy’s photos are being snagged and used in others’ articles!… Glad to hear she noticed it and was able to include her info here. It’d be proper to credit her in the photo caption itself – can that be done?

  14. Shibi_SF says:

    Wow, I love the henna designs.  They are beautiful!

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