Screwed by the TSA? Now there's an app for that.

Via the BB Submitterator, BB reader rbrammer says:

The Sikh Coalition just released the FlyRights app. It’s a smart phone app that gives travelers who believe they’ve been the victim of discrimination by the TSA the ability to submit formal complaints directly from their smart phones. You should have this on your phone the next time you fly!

Available for both Android and iOS. Makes perfect sense to me that a Sikh organization would be the one to put this together, given all of the idiot-hate that community has received post-9/11.


    1. You also won’t be able to use it within 100 yards of a TSA screening area, after they mysteriously pass a new rule saying you can’t use your smartphone there, due to some sudden trumped-up story about how terrorists could use their smartphones to light off plastic explosives or something.

      1.  Either that or they’ll just start stealing people’s phones… more often.

  1. Now there are domestic groups like the Anarchists, militant animal rights, Anonymous etc. I think they are primarily young white men and women. They also are trying to monkeywrench the system and I bet the Government will start to put alot of effort into watching/tracking them. So, this app will eventually be less relevant since everybody will be guilty until proven innocent. We will all eventually be watched. 

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