Cityscapes made from schoolbooks

Liu Wei, an artist from Beijing, is currently exhibiting a show called "Foreign" at the Almine Rech gallery in Paris. Wei's art plays with cityscapes, and "Foreign" features cityscapes made from schoolbooks affixed with steel rods and clamps. To the right is Library No.4, above is Library No.6.

Almine Rech Gallery - Current (via Neatorama)


    1. They’re just paper with ink on them. We can mass produce them by the thousands more easily than plastic McDonalds toys. I have no idea why people hold this view.

      1. I have no idea why other peoples views bother anyone else. Their actions are what’s worth focusing on. This city of books, for example, is beautiful

  1. So *THIS* is what the Chinese are doing with all the money we are paying them back for the billions in loans they gave us?

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