Shep Smith makes a political funny

Say what you will about Shep Smith's politics and personality, he pretty much nailed the cognitive dissonance of Mitt Romney's reaction to Gingrich dropping out of the GOP race.

Shep Smith reacts to Mitt Romney reacting to Newt Gingrich quitting (Thanks, Fipi Lele!)


  1. I admire the man for that. The look in his eye speaks volumes. Like he’s barely holding back a powerful urge to just go all Network on camera and blow the lid off. I hope he does some day.

    1. Richard Chesler: Get the fuck outta here! You’re fired.
      Narrator: I have a better solution: You keep me on the payroll as an outside consultant and in exchange for my salary my job will be never to tell people these things that I know. I don’t even have to come into the office, I can do this job from home.
      -Fight Club

      1. Now I’m going to be doing that bloody teeth smile thing for the next few days.

        1. the bloody smile in the client meeting was actually just a test shot of the make-up, but they put it in the movie.

    1.  I understand he almost got selected to be “Agent Smith”  in the Matrix series.

  2. Fox News isn’t news, but Shep is by far the best of the worst on that almost fact-free 24 hour commercial for corporate fascism. He’s also far closer to being a journalist than many of his “news actor” counterparts like Brian Williams and Candy Crowley. He signs off nightly saying, “…for the journalists at Fox News” which I feel certain is a dig at the lying imbeciles like Megyn Kelly, Varney, O’Reilly, etc. Also note he NEVER covers the culture wars BS that is such a large part of Fox News programming. All in all, for a corporate shill for the status quo, he’s one of the best we’ve got.

    1.  He sure sounds like he needs a stiff drink, a good manly “I know how you feel” bro-hug, and some friends to shoot the shit with, all over a good huge dinner. Perhaps his wife boinking him senseless will also help dull the pain.

          1. Actually, on a closer read of that same article I discovered I may be full of shit. 
            I know not whereof I speak.Mea culpa.


          3. I have gay male friends who have been married three whole times. 

            Not to mention a straight female friend who was divorced three times before she turned 21.  And that was in the 1950s.

          4. >>>I have gay male friends who have been married three whole times. 

            Was he ever married to Judy Garland? 

        1.  Old gay friend of mine is married, has a son by her, he Really likes breasts, but I take your point. Change wife to Partner, and my point stands.

  3. On a webcast, Sheperd Smith got angry over America’s use of waterboarding and said “We are America, we don’t fucking torture!”

    It’s not exactly a secret that Shep is gay (except to the oblivious Fox News viewer demographic). He gets actual experts for opinions on his shows, and some of them are also gay.

  4. Shep Smith looks eerily like Leland Palmer in *Twin Peaks* — except in his case, he’s on FOX News, so instead of being a demon-possessed killer, he’s the only sane man trapped in a Black Lodge of gibbering psychopaths and backward-talking midgets.

    1.  *That’s* who he reminds me of! Thank you for settling that for me.

      (Also, anybody else have a completely meta-fictional freakout when Palmer showed up on Mad Men this week? I was utterly convinced he was going to hurt Sally Draper.)

    2. Holy carp, get out of my head. And that same guy has a character role in like a zillion things, right? That’s why he made me think of Twin Peaks.

      Thank you. I keep wanting to say it before, but I thought I was crazy.

  5. I like Shep.  He’s the only person (besides Beckel I guess, but whats he doing there) who isn’t a robot mouthpiece for Ailes’ talking points.

    However, what am I missing here?  What is “creepy”?  Where’s the dissonance? Where’s the political funny? Sorry for my denseness.

      1. Newt Gingrich’s attacks on Mitt Romney, and vice versa, during the nomination process had been particularly vitriolic… the idea that it was all in good clean respectable fun in the name of competition is, well…

      2. I don’t know how much you followed the primaries (who can blame you for not?), but those two were fighting to the death in the South. It was nothing but personal, they both spent a mountain of money on ads, and I don’t recall if they touched on policy even once.

        FROM HELL’S HEART I STAB AT THEE = We look forward to working with them. Shep states the obvious, politics are weird.

  6. That is awesome. Politicians are mutants and it scares the shit out of me they get to make decisions on how to feed themselves let alone about people’s lives.

  7. Classic. I love to see glimpses of mainstream media news anchors losing it.

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