See-through Jewel Caterpillar

Here's a photo of the Jewel Caterpillar (Acraga coa), snapped by Gerardo Aizpuru near Cancun, and submitted to Project Noah. Be sure to click through for other views. Wow.

Photo take in a mangrove area , found this Stoning translucent caterpillar lay on a Red Mangrove tree leaf this morning early. Just can believe there is some species like this around the world. looks like made of glass whit small red mushroom inside every pic. about 3 cm long.

Jewel Caterpillar (via Geekologie)


    1. No, Cory wrote his post first, but scheduled it to run after mine. So he gets first dibs.

      1. What, no “snooze and lose” policy at BoingBoing?  I thought this was the gritty, cutthroat bleeding-edge of journalism!

  1. Can’t decide if it’s pretty because of the way it looks, or disgusting because it’s clear and full of clear caterpillar gut goop.

    1. I used to be a pretty transparent person too, but then I grew a beard to cover up my inadequacies.  They still show through.

    2.  I was hoping it turned into a transparent butterfly, for instance those of genus Pteronymia, Episcada, Greta, Heterosais, Hypoleria, Ithomia, Oleria or Pseudoscada. All of these are found near Montaverde, Costa Rica.

  2. What  would happen if you smoked or ate this caterpillar?  I’m just askin’ questions.

  3. ANy pics that show legs, mouthparts, etc?  At this point I’m reasonably sure the thing is glass or something.

    1. If you do a GIS for the binomial, there are different views and some in other colors.

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