"Ghosts With Shit Jobs" econopocalypse mockumentary raising money for tour with USB bracelets

Filmmaker (and comics creator and novelist and games developer) Jim Munroe is raising money to take his outstanding science fiction feature Ghosts With Shit Jobs on tour.

Here's Jim's summary: "In the future, jobs still suck -- but in whole new ways. The economic collapse of the west is complete and North Americans are a cheap labour pool for wealthy Asian and Indian markets. A Chinese documentary show focuses on these unlucky enough to have been born in the slums of Toronto in a special report that translates as 'Ghosts With Shit Jobs'. The lo-fi sci-fi mockumentary feature offers both a commentary on the economic downturn and a model for surviving in it -- it was made for $4000."

He's selling the movie on a USB bracelet in 1080p as a way of raising the dough to tour the flick:

This USB bracelet comes pre-loaded with Ghosts With Shit Jobs in full 1080p resolution with no DRM aftertaste. After you watch the movie, you can use it as a digital security bracelet -- when the Cloud is repossessed in 2025 you'll have a local back-up of 8 gigabytes of your most precious data on your body at all times.

Tour for GHOSTS WITH SHIT JOBS, a Lo-fi Sci-fi Feature (Thanks, Jim!)


  1. Could you stop posting about this without acknowledging the incredible amounts of racism present both in the premise and the execution of this? Only white people are affected by the tanking economy? What happened to all the blacks, latinos, and even asians who are poor already, even in Toronto? 

    1. Could you please elaborate.

      Or just stop commenting about this without acknowledging the incredible amounts of insinuating well-poisoning asshatery present in both your assumption and execution?

      1. Especially since the plight of low paid immigrant workers in central Toronto  is pretty implicit in the parody which works largely as ironic role reversal.   Maybe some actors need to be shown in traditional Asian roles like the old guy sitting on a step stool on the sidewalk using a box cutter to trim the baby bok choy.  

    2. Dang, how did you leave out Toronto’s Vietnamese and Portuguese neighborhoods?

      Is there a rule of the internet that whenever “Canada” is mentioned a Canadian must complain that Canada is unfairly stereotyped as being all white?

    3.  Uhm, you haven’t seen this movie… right? So really you have absolutely no idea what you’re talking about… right? This movie satirizes white people in the west and their practice of tokenizing and exploiting others. It’s satire. You know what that is… right?

  2. BTW, the US is not going to go bankrupt in 2016. The day may come when we slide out of first world status (I fear we may be half way there)  because of underinvestment in infrastructure and education, but it won’t start going this bad this fast.

    We are a strong and still very wealthy country full of innovative and hard working people. The main thing wrong with us is that, as Neil deGrasse Tyson said, we stopped dreaming.

    1. The US may not go bankrupt, but wealth may continue to become more concentrated with a larger portion of the population working shitty jobs and less of a middle class. Look at this post discussing some studies of prospects for recent college graduates, for example.

  3. Putting the racial component aside, there’s still a lot wrong with this film…  The fact that the creators actually think these are shit jobs is a pretty big clue.  Or is it so meta that it’s actually a giant self critique: the west has become so privileged that we can’t fathom any job where we don’t sit on a computer and read boing boing instead of working?

    Something tells me its not that deep.

  4. I enjoyed this video quite a bit,  It was obviously downtown in familiar Toronto  locations.  If you wanted to show decay, maybe Hamilton would have been a better pick!

    1. You have not been to Hamilton lately. My suggestion is to head out to the Art crawl on James Street north. It is where Queens Street West was 20 years ago. Gritty but amazingly so.

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