SpaceX readies for launch this Saturday, May 19, 2012

If all goes according to plan, tomorrow, Saturday, May 19th, SpaceX will become the first commercial space flight company in history to head for the International Space Station. You can watch online, live, at starting at 1:15 AM Pacific / 4:15 AM Eastern / 08:15 UTC. You can also follow SpaceX founder and CEO @elonmusk on Twitter. He'll live-tweet from mission control during launch.

Veteran space journalist Miles O'Brien covered the story in a recent PBS NewsHour segment.

And below, Miles and NewsHour host Hari Sreenivasan talk about the details of the mission, the engineering challenges and the other spaceflight companies vying for a chance at delivering cargo and people to low-Earth orbit.


  1. I’m trying not to get emotionally invested in this launch, to avoid disappointment if something goes wrong and because, well, it’s not exactly new territory technologically.

    But still, SQUEEEE!, private space launch! 

    1. Hell yeah, if there are no setbacks, this is a HUGE step forward and genuine cause for celebration, pretty pleeeeeze!

    2. Right there with ya’ man.  I just wish I could afford to stay up that long past my bedtime to watch it live.  How dare they schedule this at a time when any self-respecting geek will just have gone to bed?

      Elon, buddy – best of luck in the world on this.  I’ve wanted to see this moment since I was a child reading Robert Heinlein novels in the 70’s.  Kick some ass!

    1. The only way I’m able to interpret that, is in a Gil Scott-Heron, “Whitey On The Moon” kind of way.

    1. And, wow… intense & suspenseful couple seconds when ignition failed. Oh well. I’m up all night anyway.

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