Live indie web video coverage of NATO protest in Chicago: many streams, one post


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  1. Baris Ari says:

    Police is protecting asphalt from youth. How nice…

  2. Baris Ari says:

    wow, they trapped people in circle…how stupid..hahaha…

  3. ins0mn1ac says:

    Chicagoan here…
    By and large, the police and most of the protesters have been civil, upstanding citizens.  The police have even been joking and chatting with protesters and helping a few of them that were suffering from dehydration in the 90 degree heat this weekend.
    The “black bloc” however have been attempting to provoke the police all weekend. They’ve been throwing things at the cops (including bags of feces, not kidding) and generally just trying to use the civil protest as a cover to break the law.

    The Chicago PD has been super restrained. They haven’t used pepper spray, tear gas or excessive violence against a very small group of 100 people or so who have been trying to provoke them for 3 days straight.

    The CPD has treated the protesters with the respect and civility they deserve. I am proud of what they’ve done and proud to live here.

    • Scott Frazer says:

      I live in the loop, near Lake and Wells. Heard some yelling and sirens about an hour ago, seems there’s about 100 or so people still wandering around causing mischief.  

      Looks like there’s some trouble up on Milwaukee Ave as well:,0,7328400.htmlstory

    • ZikZak says:

      You say that you live in Chicago, but how do you know the things you claim?  How do you know with such confidence that the cops have been “super restrained”?  Are you a protester, or have you been down on the streets with them, observing police activity?

      Or have you just been watching the coverage of the protests by the Chicago mainstream media?  The media that celebrates everything the cops do, and paints over any police aggression as “provoked”?

      I’m not even in Chicago, nor did I attend the protests.  But simply by checking some alternative media outlets, I have much more perspective about what actually happened.  And it doesn’t make me proud.

      • Scott Frazer says:

        There’s about 15-20 ustream streams from people on the ground. We live in the age of the internet. you’ll see that the majority of the protesters and cops are handling things just fine.

        Why do you suppose your “alternative outlets” are any less biased than the mainstream media? In any gathering of this size, there’s going to be a few idiots taking things too far on both sides of the line, and the Occupy folks will get more people on their side if everyone thinks the police are being over-bearing.

        Here’s a photo capturing one of the protestors hitting an un-helmeted cop on the head with a stick right before the fracas at Cermak and Michigan aves:

        Why would a peaceful protestor do that, exactly?

        • ZikZak says:

          I never claimed all the protesters were peaceful.  They’re not, and I’m glad they’re not, because as you probably agree, sometimes self defense is necessary.

          But even ignoring the above video – which I can now only assume makes you proud of CPD – the photo gallery you yourself linked to shows a disturbing amount of blood.  Especially bloody head wounds.

          But none of them were on cops.  There were no bloodied cops, no potentially life-threatening head trauma inflicted on the boys in blue.  There was one flimsy stick which apparently broke over a cop’s head (if we’re to believe the caption).

          Considering how much injury the protesters endured, and how little they injured the cops, I would say that the protesters are the ones who showed remarkable restraint.

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