Slinky on a treadmill

Abzde set a slinky upon an inclined treadmill and the brave spring proceeded to slink its way down that machine for 3 heart-pounding minutes and 20 unbeatable seconds. Watch as the slinky moves from side to side, nearly -- but not quite -- going over the edge time and again, tempting fate and laughing at danger with its brave non-hands planted upon its heroic non-hips. Oh, slinky.

Epic - Slinky on a Treadmill (via JWZ)


  1. We don’t get to see it finally flop off the side, or reach the bottom? Is… is it still going??

    1.  According to the tethercat principle, yes. Until proven otherwise, that slinky is eternally falling down that treadmill.

  2. I was meaning to put my Slinky through the paces, but he’s had a lot of ups and downs lately. Compared to this svelte Slinky, I’m afraid he’s a bit rusty at the exercise routines. But give him a little time, and he’ll spring right back into shape! (He’s got to get in shape to impress the curvaeous girl Slinkies!)
    His out-of-shape self recently went on a double blind date, it was horrible, they just kept going round and round fighting with the other three. Boy, was HE bent out of shape when he got home! But it pales in comparison with the fight he had with his first wife, that ended the marriage! He said let’s play Twister, it’ll be fun!

  3.  We know in our hearts that that slinky is forever walking down that incline. brings a tear to my eye.

    1. Ugh, Norwegian commercials have forever tainted my impression of that song.

      Still, watching that slinky strut is worth it.

  4. You know someone is going to loop one of these and have 10 hours of slinky on a treadmill before long.

  5. OK physics friends, I have a question.  Why does the slinky change speeds?  Is it because of the imperfections on the treadmill, or is there other science involved.  I would have thought that the small imperfections on the treadmill wouldn’t make that big a difference, or at the very least just make the slinky fall into a pattern.

    1.  It’s all about morale. As the slinky remembers its slinky family, he puts on an extra spurt of energy to help get home. But he tires. He goes through dark times, when he thinks he can’t make it home. But then, he remembers Mrs. Slinky, that way she slinks at him, and he reaches out for those heroic last strides…

      (PhD, physics).

  6. Craig Armstrong’s Escape would also be a valid soundtrack option.

    What is on vidio however is also valid.

  7. Now if only we could find a way to harness the energy from the slinky to power the treadmill.

    1.  Yeah, except for that little detail about the electricity that’s running the treadmill.

      Other than that, IT’S A MIRACLE !!!

  8. In 10,000 years, all the old stories will get totally confuzzled and mixed and it will be known as the Myth of Slinkyphus

  9. This is what slinkies and treadmills and video cameras were made for.  The perfect storm of internets!

  10. ‎”Don’t know where you’re headed (or why), just that ya gots ta keep on slinkin’ or you’ll die…” – I feel your pain, brave little dude.

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