With a splash, the (SpaceX) Dragon has landed


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  1. kP says:

    Say What?

  2. StAlfongzo says:

    Ride the dragon toward the crimson eye

    Flap the wings under Mars red sky

    The reptile pushes itself out into space

    Leaving behind, the human race

    I would love to be a DRAGONAUT!

  3. Stefan Jones says:

    The Dragon capsule in the water could easily be mistaken for a rather drab buoy.

    Hey, was it damaged? What’s that irregular-edged trench going from bottom center to top left?

  4. lava says:

    So does this capsule go to the Air and Space museum, or does it get refurbished and fly again ( this would be much cooler )?

  5. ahermit says:

    My favorite thing about this whole story is still that whenever I hear reporters talking about the company it sounds like they are saying “Space Sex” …

    For some reason that just makes me feel happy…

  6. If we had more land than water, the space explorer would have to aim their landings instead of just throwing stuff “somewhere in the Pacific”

  7. feetleet says:

    I’ve an hypothesis that nursing an hatred of bad grammar will make me sound like an Hitler right now.  

  8. Rosin Ffield says:

    You can see by the metal colour how this sucker has heated upon entry into the lower atmosphere!

  9. cubejockey says:

    Dragon. I just can’t get inspired by that name. Where’s Ken Segall?

    Meanwhile in the U.S. a bunch of oil/gas lobbyists are running these “energytomorrow.org” TV spots, where some pant-suited lady  tries to convince us that digging holes in the ground for natural resources is “new”.

  10. Jasonbe says:

    Appropriate to this pic
    2012 is the year of the Water Dragon

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