PENIS graffiti



  1. When will kids learn some respect and stop practicing their “art” with a total disregard for hardworking people? Parents, teach your kids to know better: Java is just unacceptable.

    1. Yeah… exactly! Java… pfft!

      I guess the concrete wall requires the penis string to be hard coded.


    (It’d be a lot easier to spray-paint if they used Python, I’ll admit.)

        1.  Unfortunately the graffiti wasn’t sufficiently clear for me to easily decipher the previous bit of code; but I guess it is something like

          public class foo{
               public static void main (string args[]){

          and then an extra { at the end to finish off 

          I’d hoped that the reader would get the point :)

  3.  …but what about that kid, sitting down, opening a book,
    now, in a branch at the local library and finding drawings of pee-pees

    and wee-wees in the Cat in the Hat and the Five Chinese Brothers?

    Doesn’t HE deserve better?…

    1. It doesn’t matter, Java doesn’t care. You could also do public static void main (String … args){}. The only thing Java wouldn’t like is your capital P in public.

  4. That is really rude and offensive. It shouldn’t be in all caps. “Penis” would be preferable.

  5. Would be better if one defines a PenisWriter class, inheriting from MemberWriter class, defining method write().
    Implementing interface RudeWord.
    More object oriented

  6. I guess Mayor Bloomberg decided to embrace his bad side once he learned how to code.

    1. That’s OS specific though, rather an old version of BASIC.

      The Java version is at least capable of being run on a range of hardware (though concrete doesn’t have a JVM yet as far as I know) so it’s more universal.

      Javascript would be a better bet for OS compatibility though:
      function myFunction(){  document.write(“Penis”);  setTimeout(“myFunction()”,500);}myFunction();

      No environment to install or patch and Ok it’s interpreted rather than compiled, but it’s human readable, which is more important in the use example.
      It’s executable directly on a client.
      Not self-documenting but then java self-documenting is hardly worthy of note.


  7. Since the court battle of the Larry’s was resolved with Oracle not owning the rights to all things java, however tenuous the connection, this wall remains part of the publicly owned infrastructure.  

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