Of hermit crabs and home sales


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  1. Eli Gibson says:

    Here is an appropriate joke:

    Q: How did the Hermit Crab pay for it’s house?
    A: A loan. (read “alone”)

  2. Han van der Heide says:

    Heh, after reading just the first few sentences, I thought the author was Maggie. Scrolling up a bit and yep.. Do I get a medal now?

    • Apparently, I write somewhat distinctively. After my piece came out in the NYT Magazine last week, I had several people contact me saying that they were about to tell me that somebody in the NYT Magazine was ripping me off … and then they saw the byline. 

  3. MonkeyBoy says:

    You can always get a room at  Hilbert’s Hotel even when it is fully occupied.

    When people coordinate their movement, shifting an infinitely long vacancy chain takes finite constant time.

  4. Mr. Son says:

     Hermit crabs are AWESOME. Anyone here ever read Pagoo? http://www.powells.com/biblio/62-9780395539644-0 It’s a wonderful story following the life of the titular hermit crab Pagoo from hatching to finding a lady crab and having babies of his own.

  5. foobar says:

    Really, no one’s made a joke about underwater mortgages yet? I am disappoint.

  6. catying says:

    I took a class of his years ago– cool prof, interesting research. One of his classes focused on chicken hierarchies… the pecking order. Ha!

  7. JenniferS says:

    What about people that move away and rent their home instead of selling it? “I’m just going to borrow this shell and give you these bits of algae in exchange”

  8. CLamb says:

    Interesting.  Unlike crabs, humans can bypass the vacancy chain and create their own homes.  Crabs must wait for something to die.  Has a hermit crab ever been observed killing another shellfish just to get a shell?  It seem like an obvious evolutionary step.

  9. This is an incredibly interesting application of research, and I think it would be a very powerful commentary on our labor market to produce some digital media that could try to map out the (lack of) vacancy chains in the United States labor market. 

  10. Keyan Kaplan says:

    Eric Carle also wrote a great kids book about a hermit crab. Beautiful illustrations.

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