Polaroid SX-70 refurbs

If you like the leathery classic Polaroid SX-70 but don't fancy chancing it on eBay, Holga Direct is offering refurbished models for $334: "Each camera has been painstakingly restored to an almost new condition and tested to make sure they work perfectly."



  1. Be careful.

    I hear that buying this gets your email address sold to fixmyfixie.com’s ‘future customer outreach’ team in seconds…

  2. Wow. And I picked mine up at a hamfest for $5. Along with a Canon 310XL Super8 camera (currently going refurbished for $400+) for $15.

    Can’t knock people making a buck off the terminally unhandy, though…

  3. I was just talking about this camera with a friend yesterday. I don’t think either of us were aware it was a hipster fetish object. His dad used to work for Polaroid, and he just liked the way this camera looked.

    He informed me that the Harvard Science Center was designed to look like the SX-70. (Wikipedia says this rumor isn’t true. Bummer.)

  4. That’s ridiculous. You can get nearly-new SX70s on ebay for a fraction of that on ebay (cursory search shows prices ranging from 40 – 150, depending on whether you want the body or the whole kit). You could very easily just buy 2-8 ebay auctions; surely one of them will work well enough to shoot photos.

    1.  Sure, but as Jim Nelson notes, this is really for the terminally unhandy.  That said, these have all been fixed and are going to be working as well as they can for 40 year old tech, not to mention come with a warranty.

       Finding a working, tested Polaroid on eBay can be a total crapshoot and it can fail on you days after it’s working.  But, again, there are always people who are willing to pay more because they just can’t be bothered to pay less.

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