IT Crowd Rap, by Superpowerless (music video)


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  1. Kevin Breanach says:

    FYI Channel 4, not BBC :)

    Pre-digital TV a statement like that wouldn’t have been that confusing (people would have parsed the ‘Channel 4′ and ignored the ‘BBC’) but these days there *is* a BBC 4 (pre-digital it was only ’1′ and ’2′) so it’s a little misleading.

  2. jpgsawyer says:

    I hate to be a pedant but I will anyway. Its “Channel 4″ not “BBC Channel 4″. Whilst some of the UK TV License Fee goes to Channel 4 its not part of the BBC and is never referred to as BBC Channel 4. Perhaps you where thinking of BBC 4 is a different channel altogether.

  3. This makes me happy. I smiled at the Peter File reference in the song.

  4. If we are going to correct some things then it should be noted that the tv show doesn’t have a “theme song”, so this parody is rather a rap set to the theme tune of the IT Crowd.

  5. noah django says:

    this is an appalling rap , and an appalling beat.  I don’t care about their fan status.  I am also a huge fan of the IT Crowd, but I’m also a straight-up-and-down B-boy.  this video is bad and they should all feel bad.

  6. I guess we’re just more, up up down down left right left right b-boys.

    Thanks for posting us on the website BoingBoing! <3 :D

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