Suit of armor hoodie


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  1. nvlady says:

    There is something strangely awesome about this….

  2. Melissa Gutierrez says:

    The maker has an Etsy shop that is in vacation mode at the moment because of overwhelming interest in said hoodie:

  3. austinhamman says:

    i don’t even like hoodies but this is cool.

  4. Rick Adams says:

    Holy shit this is awesome. I think this guy just found his path to success.

    • penguinchris says:

      I make some uncharacteristically bold fashion choices myself – I almost always stand out and it takes me time to figure out what to wear if I want to blend in – but I really don’t see anyone ever actually wearing one of these other than at a convention.

      I know I’m late in the comments but would anyone here actually wear one of these? Or do people buy things like this just for going to conventions maybe?

      My point (and the reason I’m replying to you specifically) is that it’s unclear to me that this is actually a path to success. I suspect actual sales are much smaller than we think they should be (I do agree that it’s awesome, but I wouldn’t buy one myself).

      I’m curious about this because I have a similarly slightly-unusual product up my sleeve that I’m putting together prototypes for in order to do a kickstarter and while I think my product is more likely to actually get used/worn in real life than this, I’m really not sure. Hard to tell what the market for novelty products (which is what this ultimately is) is really like.

  5. jimh says:

    (winter is coming)

  6. magnetiquewolf says:


  7. wandermarket says:

    how long before this idea is stolen?

  8. Jesseham says:

    One with a zipper, please.  Also, I highly doubt this is within my hoodie budget.

  9. Does it come in black, so I can perform Monty Python’s stints in subway stations?

  10. Jack Daniel says:

    Oh man, this is awesome. Shut up and take my money.

  11. Jim Saul says:

    Perhaps he should really jump on this with a Kickstarter.

  12. Preston Sturges says:

    The face guard appears to be inspired by a Swiss or German WW2 “field cap” or “mountain cap” which were rarely seen with the face covering turned down. Presumably it rolls up and can be buttoned.

  13. darkjayson says:

    I would recommend to this guy that if the interest is big enough and it should be then he should try and not do them himself but see if he can get them made by a company usually funded by preorders, this is also  something that think geek or other such shop would carry.

    Or like someone suggested start a kickstarter if the deposit to make them is to high if he is in the US

    If they are affordable I want one in black, one in white and one in metallic gray. Keeping an eye on this one see what happens.

  14. w willoughby says:

    Well said about not wanting anything bad enough to give up my privacy to Mr Zuckerberg et al… As a non-facebooker I may need to steal your to the point explanation.

  15. He should sell the hoodie at Gencon in Indianapolis, IN.  He would sell out no matter how many he brought with him.

  16. John Giotta says:

    He probably needs to just draw up his designs and use to crowd source. He’ll probably make more money, faster. Obviously, he needs to outsource the manufacturing. 

  17. satn says:

    Ahh the consumer zombie horde emerges.

    soon as a desirable, handmade domestic product appears in low production, it quickly moans for outsourcing to sweatshops to feed its ever-hungry maw.

  18. nem0fazer says:

    Yes its fantastic. Now about the FB comment: You get it only gets what you put in right? I’m no huge fan but I do enjoy the interaction with friends in the UK since moving to Canada.
    Maybe I’m wrong but I can’t see what he’s going to profit from looking at my (incorrect) birthday. I don’t use apps and haven’t listed any likes.

  19. RedShirt77 says:

    If you wear this in Florida, how many times do they shoot you?

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