Funny "Lost Wormhole" sign

An unknown human produced this funny LOST WORMHOLE sign. Have you seen the missing singularity?

Lost wormhole (via Beth Pratt)


    1. There’s another thing I love about Boing Boing, we can click on the link without fear of being sent to a goatse wormhole.

      @robuluz:disqus Sir, you have nailed it.  Greetings and salutations.

      1. I was tempted… I actually fired up Photoshop… but I can’t bear to look at that site. You have been spared.

  1. It’s obviously gimped (same light and shadows in the scene and in the paper, and too much resolution as Michael said 3 answers ago), which is also the reasonable way to produce the picture. So don’t expect to see it on any street. It never was.

  2. Yeah, I’ve seen it… on G+, Twitter, FB, and all over the interwebs.  Pretty rad idea, even if it’s just a product of Photoshop.

  3.  How embarrassing.  Losing a wormhole, printing up posters, only to have it show up right there on the light post.

  4. Why do you assume that because it looks shooped, it never was on the street ?

    If you had to do such a thing, once the prank was complete, would you bother retaking another picture of the thing ? or would you just be lazy and reuse the picture itself ?

    1. I think it seems likely to be ‘shopped because, while technically all you’d have to do is print a sheet with an empty frame, tape it up, take a pic, remove the “empty” version then go back to pshop and paste that pic repeatedly inside the frame ad infinitum until it go too small to resolve, print it again and tape up the infinity version… but… getting the tape, lighting and surroundings to remain *exactly* like your initial “empty frame” pic would be tough. And if you look at the light/tape/surroundings on this one, it’s all identical.

      I’m not as concerned by the resolution of each iteration inside the frames as much as I am by the fact that the surroundings are identical to every pic inside each frame, which would be very hard to do without some CGI help.

  5. I read somewhere that over 1 million worm holes go missing every year, and are never found. May I suggest a grass roots campaign? Maybe they could post a picture of the missing worm hole on each bottle of absynth?  Thank you very mulch.

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