Movie poster colors through history

Vijay Pandurangan visualized the colors found in movie posters since 1914. Would you look at all that teal? Thanks, Hollywood complementary color voodoo! [via Explore]


  1. so how did the movie posters of 1920-21 predict the future? temporal disturbance caused by the end of wwi?

    1. I’d guess the data was collected from archival prints. Some of the colors on old prints  shift to blue over time even with good storage.

  2. I’d love to hear a corresponding analysis from someone in the industry. Im also reminded that A LOT of comedy movie posters are white with red type.

  3. Call me a Renegade, but I actually like Teal and Orange. It’s like Gin and Tonic to me.

    1. You can search by decade, or you can click the year next to any title to get the most popular films from that year. I think that there used to be a better “year’ search tool.

  4. The sample sets  used are insanely small for anything from before the 70’s.  Pretty meaningless.  

  5. I see they are becoming increasingly blue-shifted and accelerating towards us at growing rates. Some sort of dark energy is probably at work, probably James Cameron.

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