Hillbilly Holler and other Mountain Dew generics

Wikipedia's "Generic citrus sodas" lists 27 (as of this writing) generic equivalents to Mountain Dew/Mello Yello/Sun Drop. "In deference to Mountain Dew's leading position in the market for citrus sodas, most brands of generic citrus soda have the word 'Mountain' in their names." Read aloud in a rush, they're a kind of tone-poem about marketing, dental caries, and caffeine shakes.

1 Citrus Drop/Citrus Drop Xtreme
2 Citrus Pop
3 Heee Haw
4 Hillbilly Holler
5 Kountry Mist
6 Mountain Breeze
7 Mountain Drops
8 Mountain Explosion
9 Mountain Frost
10 Mountain Fury
11 Mountain Holler
12 Mountain Lightning
13 Mountain Lion
14 Mountain Maze
15 Mountain Mellow
16 Mountain Mist
17 Mountain Moondrops
18 Mountain Roar
19 Mountain Rush
20 Mountain Splash
21 Mountain W
22 Mountain Wave
23 Mountain Yeller
24 Mountain Rush
25 Mt. Chill
26 Ramp
27 Rocky Mist

Generic citrus sodas (Thanks, Fipi Lele!)


      1.  Just two liters? You must not have been in college very long. Either that, or you spent a lot of time thirsty.

    1. Speaking of which, why doesn’t Dublin Dr Pepper just start calling itself “Dublin’s Original”, or something along those lines, and goes national with its’ elixir of the gods?

  1. Pity the poor generic citrus drink that lacks the universal name recognition and market penetration of mighty Sun Drop®!

    1. Ale-8 isn’t some generic citrus soda; its a caffeinated ginger ale that predates most of this generic citrus crap; ale-8 is from kentucky; not making fun of kentucky

  2. Hate to nitpick, but that list is horribly incomplete without the addition of the greatest citrus soda of them all: Wink!

    (But I actually haven’t seen it sense to 80’s, so if it’s still around, it problably doesn’t taste the same :( ).

        1.  And that’s what makes it so special.

          (According to Wikipedia, it is mixed citrus, but “primarily” grapefruit.)

  3. Singapore has Kickapoo Joy Juice, just for the extra copyright violation. It’s pretty good, too.

    1.  THAT’S the one that was missing! I knew I’d had a hillbilly-themed soda that wasn’t on the list but I couldn’t remember the name. I don’t know where it’s from but I got mine from Galco’s Soda Pop Shop. (They have a website but I’m not looking for it right now.)

    2. Kickapoo Joy Juice came out in the 60s, not long after Mountain Dew went nationwide. It was a real battle there for a while, but Mountain Dew won out. I though the Joy Juice was gone forever, but I just learned a few weeks ago that it’s still being bottled here and there.  As a kid, I preferred it to Mt. Dew because I was a Lil Abner fan, although it wasn’t much help to the company, because my parents never bought soda pop.

      1. ‘Kickapoo Joy Juice’ was the concoction made in the moonshine still in the Lil Abner comic strip, and because of the ingredients list for the juice, the still area smelled sumpin’ terrible – which is why they named it the ‘Skonk Works’ – which, of course, is where the famous ‘Skunk Works’ aeronautical division had gotten it’s name (designers of the U-2, F-117, and the fabulous SR-71).
        This endeth the lesson.

  4. I’ve tried Mountain Holler and Mountain Explosion.  I still prefer Mountain Dew Throwback (but oddly, I don’t care a great deal for HFCS Mountain Dew), but my SO swears by Mountain Holler.

    1. Throwback is excellent.  I’m also highly fond of Dew in glass bottles.  It can be hard to find, but when drunk ice cold….it’s like the nectar of the gods (IMO).

      1. Picked me up some MD Throwback at the Smart & Final last week, but now I’m down to my last can.  Stopped by yesterday for some more, but it was all gone.  They did have some Pepsi throwback in those cans that scream 1978 to me, but I can’t get aboard the straight-cola bus anymore, not without some added artificial “cherry” flavor.

        Now I feel like I should keep my last Throwback can for a special occasion, but it’ll probably be gone by 4:30 this afternoon.

  5. I seem to remember “White Lightnin'” from my childhood. It had hillbillies of the can. I always figured (or “figgered”) that is was a Mountain Dew knock off.

  6. You SAY you’ve had Mountain Rush, but that was probably just the #19 version. Now the #24 version of Mountain Rush? That makes Mt. Chill taste like Citrus Pop.

  7. I hate to say it but the only other citrus soda I like anywhere close to Mt. Dew was Surge.  Perhaps it had something to do with the amount of free ones they gave out in college…

  8. Mountain Mellow may be the laziest and best name for a generic Mt. Dew/Mellow Yellow ever.  Yellow Dew would’ve been gross.

  9. The original name of the citrus drink Mountain Dew and many of its knockoffs are referring to moonshine (illegally produced alcoholic beverages traditional to hillbillies). But why? What does citrus have to do with moonshine? As far as I know, citrus plays no role in it.

    1. I think it’s more likely that “Mountain Dew” was a name that a lot of people already knew and so could be repurposed in an innocuous way. Cheap branding.

  10. “Mountain W” is from the grocery chain Wegmans; their entire line of sodas is whatever known brand name there is with “W” put in wherever it fits (they have a bunch that aren’t the same as well-known sodas too actually; for generics they’re very good). Dr. W is my favorite. 

    The cola variants used to be “W Pop” and “Diet W Pop” etc. but now it’s just “W cola” with a bland description of each variant. The many different ways to pronounce “W Pop” amused us as children (I think we ultimately settled on “wuhpop”). Their 7-Up variety is still “W Up” so that one can still be fun to say, anyway.

  11. I remember the house brand rip off from Eckerd Drug Store (now CVS pharmacy) was just called “Mountain.”  My friends from high schools drank cases upon cases of that before we discovered alcohol as the preferred object of mass consumption.

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