Rasputin's Bastards: epic, psychic cold war thriller


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  1. snagglepuss says:

    Soon to be a Major Motion Picture, directed by Brett Ratner !

  2. Dito says:

    So, is this set in the present?  The title calls it a “cold-war thriller”, but the article itself reads “Now the cold war is long past, and the final act is upon the world.” Maybe both, since Cory describes it as an epic tale?

    Regardless, I have an odd affinity for the cold war – not to mention psychic warfare! – so there’s a good chance I’ll read it.

  3. Vinnie Tesla says:

    Wishlisted–it sounds like a lot of fun.

    I’m reminded of both Tim Powers and Octavia Butler.

  4. Sam Gus says:

    Just google for the history of spetsnaz and read how one of classified USSR projects was producing …. no, not genetically-modified people, 100% ethnic cubans, algerians, etc. These were to be trained and then dropped at their country of origin so that they will wreak havoc.  No fancy-schmancy stuff is needed, those were captured during (and after) WWII, sneaked into USSR and forced to marry their own kind. Their kids would be secretly recruted and trained for the future “mercenary” or “advisors” work elsewhere. Spain, Cuba, Middle East, Africa, China … I am not making this up. During the Cuban Missle crisis, for example, those “fake cubans” surprised even CIA, because they not only looked cuban and spoke spanish, they were cuban, though, they never been to Cuba … dustbins of history are full of stuff like this.

    Also, P.S. Would the writers please stop beating the “russian drum” and turn elsewhere with their fake russian vocabulary. Consulting wikipedia before writing would make all the difference in the world.

  5. If you’re in Toronto and you’re a fan of sexy voices, Dave’s reading from this book tonight at the Augusta House, starting at 8.

  6. Dan Hibiki says:

    Is this the program created to compete with American “Jedi” Paranormal soldiers?

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