How many Legos are needed to build your house?

Lego house
Movoto created a fun calculator that figures out how many Legos it would take to build your house.


  1. It’s “LEGO!” It’s “LEGO!” The word’s already pluralised, you ignorant Yanks!!!!1!

    Just kidding. It’s totally Legos. In b4 the butthurt.

          1. Hate to say it, but you’re both wrong.


            Proper Use of the LEGO Trademark on a Web Site

            If the LEGO trademark is used at all, it should always be used as an adjective, not as a noun. For example, say “MODELS BUILT OF LEGO BRICKS”. Never say “MODELS BUILT OF LEGOs”.Also, the trademark should appear in the same typeface as the surrounding text and should not be isolated or set apart from the surrounding text. In other words, the trademarks should not be emphasized or highlighted. Finally, the LEGO trademark should always appear with a ® symbol each time it is used.

          2. I was aware of the addition of ‘bricks’, but I thank you for pointing it out – even my own pedantry slips a little from time to time. Re-education is a long road, a road built with LEGO Bricks.

  2. I especially like that they bothered to stick a TM on a word that as far as I’m aware is not only not a trademark, but certainly isn’t one used by Lego.

  3. Sheesh, I want to believe that is factoring in labor to put it all together but sadly I know that can’t be true because lego anything is expensive.

    Too bad they don’t really have a bulk buying option (and I mean bulk like a whole pick up trucks worth, not those chintzy little tubs that are like 20 bucks for something like 500 random bricks. Seriously, where the hell do people get that many bricks?)

    Also, lEGOz pedants need to seriously get over it. It’s super annoying to come into a lego thread and see that, of course (even jokingly), some uber nerd with an unused English degree has to start this damn argument every single time. It’s language, it’s malleable get used to it, unless you want to go back to using only grunts and gestures…

    1. It’s not even proper language; it’s just a brand name and deserves no usage respect.

    1. Came here to link to that… everything James May does is great. I think the story about him not being able to find something to do with the lego house afterwards was actually posted here on BB though I may be mistaken.

    1. I tried, but I know a few people  are very passionate about this issue, so who am I to stop them from trying to save culture?

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