Be Not Content, the psychedelic classic


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  1. Ian Wood says:

    This is why I love my Kindle and will always love my Kindle. It enables me to immediately act on the Rudy Rucker Rule, viz: “if it says Rudy Rucker on it, read it.”

  2. sean says:

    Shit! I don’t have a Kindle or any of that stuff…and it’s $95 for a used copy of the book on Amazon! I’m beginning to think there might be an upside to this whole digital-computery- thing after all. Is anyone going top re-release it? As young acidheads, we devoured the standards- DOORS OF PERCEPTION, D T Suzuki’s Zen stuff, the Don Juan books, etc- how did I miss this?

    • hypnosifl says:

      At the top of the Rudy Rucker page linked to at the bottom of the post, there’s a link to a paperback re-release on amazon which goes for $16. I do have a kindle, but I ordered the paperback instead–I have a feeling this is the kind of book I might want to loan out to certain friends!

  3. sean says:

     Thank you- just put it in my cart!

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