The beginning of life


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  1. Listener43 says:

    The Pipettes are actually my backup singers.

  2. OldBrownSquirrel says:

    It’s perhaps worth noting that mitosis *can* be destructive.  Consider Xeni’s recent experience.

    • Very true. Mitosis can also go wrong, leaving you with an embryo that can’t properly develop. In my mind, the fact that this can (and does) go wrong so often, makes it all the more amazing when it works. 

  3. StephenJJohnson says:

    “Fifty-odd cell divisions later, when you have a 128 cells, what you’ve got is a blastula.” is a little bit off the mark: 128 = 2^7 so it will only be seven divisions to 128 cells. 50 divisions (assuming all the cells survive) would be 1.12589991 x 10^15 cells.

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