Zombie T-Rex tattoo

Megan, a cake designer, sports her wonderful zombie/T-Rex tattoo. It was inked by Jeff Addz at Generation X in Daytona Beach, Florida, who worked freehand.

Zombie T-Rex Tattoo Shoulder Tattoo (via Geekologie)


    1. It won’t “look like puke”.  It will be blurrier, but it will still be clear what it is.  You can also simply retouch up the image and restore a great deal of the clarity.

      More importantly, I imagine her friends are likely to have interesting enough lives to likely not give a shit one way or the other.  People who denounce those having a merry ol’ time ignoring the dullest of social conventions tend to be boring mother fuckers.

      1. The person who will give a shit is Megan. Tattoos are a fashion, and like all fashions will go out of fashion.  Megan, however, will be stuck with her fashion statement of oh so many years ago.

        1. Your prudish concern is touching, but likely wasted.  

          I have a friend with the word “princess” tattooed across her lower back.  If you ask her about it, she laughs and tells how it was a nick name when she was young and there is a story behind it.  Would she go tattooing “princess” on herself now if she had never had that tattoo?  Hell no.  She also wouldn’t snap her fingers and make it go away either.  It is a permanent remembrance of a time in her life that has passed.  It has long since passed its “fashionable” and cool phase, but still has meaning.

          Tattoos passing from fashionable to a sort of permanent token of the past is the normal life cycle of a tattoo.  Regret rarely enters into the picture, especially if said tattoo is meaningful to you at the time that you get it.

          That isn’t to say that you can’t make regrettable decisions when it comes to ink.  Tattooing your lovers name across your chest is probably a bad idea.  Face tattoos probably are a poor idea if you want to work in some industries.  Otherwise though, I know many people with tattoos across a wide variety of ages, and almost none of them have regrets over their ink.

          1. I don’t pass judgment or care in the slightest if other people get tattoos (whether I think they’re ugly or not). But there are practical concerns and none of us should be surprised that anti-tattoo/concern troll stuff comes up every time a tattoo is posted because for non-tattoo-types, a lot of tattoos seem to exhibit a serious lack of judgment. I know I’m getting into dangerous territory by posting this comment :)

            A zombie t-rex will probably never not look cool (though it’s not for me) – and aging skin can only really make it better – but a “Princess” lower-back tramp stamp is a different story. It can only lead to a lifetime of unfair judgment from anyone who finds out about it. She may be a completely different person now, but it doesn’t matter – she will be judged as if she were still that person.

            If she can laugh it off, that’s great – I try not to care what other people think of me either – but I suspect that for most people, a tramp stamp becomes a huge regret later in life. Misspent youth is something you don’t want to be reminded of daily – it’s something to laugh about once every few years when you happen to come across an old photo of yourself doing something stupid.

            Everybody’s different, of course. The tattoo concern trolls are silly but they’re just coming from a different perspective. It’s not necessarily a boring and conservative one, either, just different. 

            For me personally, a permanent tattoo is a mark of being stuck. I’m in a constant state of change, trying to better myself (and hey I’m still young). If I had something tattooed on myself at each stage of my life I’d feel tied down to parts of my past I no longer want to associate with. For other people, having that record is a valuable thing that will drive them to keep moving forward, and I can respect that. 

          2. I’m with you on this… I got a menacing yet well done portrait of Satan on my shoulder nearly 30 years ago. It’s a little faded now, but I care about my shape so it’s not like a stretched out finger painting, nor a shrinking blotch of purple. I do however see a lot of kids (of the Williamsburg persuasion) who have such a dense collage down their arms (sleeves I believe they call them) I just know some are gonna say “oops” when they’re 50. Oh well… There are worse things I suppose.

    2. Who cares? Maybe the tattoo will fade, or maybe her skin won’t hold up as well as it might have. But right now, in the present, that tatoo is wicked-awesome.

    3. Well 30 years down the road, if she gains a few pounds and her triceps become flappy “bingo wings” the effect could be quite interesting. 

    4. No, the puke on her shoulder will happen when/if any boyfriend notices it and gets queasy at an inopportune time.

  1. I call bullshit.  Everybody knows zombie T-Rex isn’t real.  It’s something my mommy made up to make me be good, and to explain where the presents came from.

    1. If zombie t-rex sees his shadow, we have six more weeks of Cretaceous extinction event. 

  2. Just because something would look cool on your wall doesn’t mean you should have it permanently etched into your skin.

    1. Neither are you obligated to permanently etch every fool thing that comes to mind on the internet.  But hey look!  You did it anyway.

    1.  A lot of the time, artists will use “stencils,” which are more or less temporary tattoos made from the artist’s design, and go over those, at least for the linework of a tattoo. If an artist isn’t using any of these, it’s considered “freehand.”

    1. The rot process tends to loosen them.  Animate that corpse and I’d figure most would fall out.  Plus, the head is still thought to have been minimally feathered like many modern bird species.

  3. Quickly please! Will all the BoingBoing tattoo experts who tuned into LA Stink last last last year please chime in and tell us how: 

    A.) Megan will regret her tattoo 
    B.) It will “Look like shit in 20 years”
    C.) It doesn’t say enough about her dead uncle’s dolphin’s cousin’s passing
    D.) How (insert your local artist) is 20 times better/cheaper than (insert Megan’s tattooer)

    Jesus, does every BoingBoing post about tattoos require such a shitty pre-amble? Is it so much trouble for you fops to just look at a Bleeding T-Rex Zombie Skull and say “Cool” like any other reasonable, rational human being?!

    1. Being a reasonable and rational human being is a fad and you’ll regret having been one in your old age.

    2.  Maybe no, because it’s not “cool”? (rational human being here!).
      You do realize that calling something “cool” is a personal judgment call, right?

      1. But there is a line between personal judgement call and being judgmental.

        I’m not saying you are being judgmental, not at all. Your comment was considerate and rational while disagreeing. It’s some of the other comments that seem to have crossed that line.

        1. Are you kidding?  Cool is completely subjective!  It’s all about social status.  If cool was objective then everything that ever passed as cool in the past would still be cool.  Including wearing an onion on your belt.

          As far as some people not getting it, that swings both ways.

      1. The Cretaceous Period ended with a boner-extinction-level event of unprecedented magnitude.

  4. thats a pretty shitty tatoo, and one she will regret, but not as bad as the one my aquiantance has : a shark smoking a joint while sitting in a recliner.

  5. 34 Comments in and no Dresden Files reference yet? And at a place like Boing Boing no less!

    1. Yes! The zombified T-rex from “Dead Beat” was the first thing I thought of when I saw this.

        1. I already used it once this week. That’s the only reason that I held off.

  6. This tattoo doesn’t seem like a Job-Stopper ™ so I don’t see the cause for concern. 

    Personally, I’m going to be listening to the same music, and wearing pretty much the same clothes 30 years from now, so I might as well have the same tattoos, despite the fashion trends. 

    I do like how tattoo used to be likely sign of military service and have transformed into signifying membership in the service economy.

  7. Oh hai, I’m just standing here in my pants, barely able to cover my nipples, here’s a tattoo!

    I suppose that I shouldn’t complain, but it’s all a bit on the nose isn’t it?

  8. I am surprised by the amount of judgement passed around here. Who cares if she gets skinnier or saggier or whatever in 20 years. That’s her issue. Bad judgement tattoos usually are in places where conservative types can see them (neck, hands, wrists). Anything else that is not associated with a social stigma and is not hateful in nature should be perfectly fine. It’s freedom of expression people!

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