Vacuum tube skulls


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  1. kpelt says:

    Hope those weren’t functional tubes – they are becoming rare.  That said, it looks like someone covered them in white-out and drew on them with black sharpie.

  2. robuluz says:

    They go up to 11.

  3. fuzzyfuzzyfungus says:

    Eat, drink, and be merry, for tomorrow you shall be replaced by something thousands of times smaller and almost incomparably more reliable…

  4. These could look really cool in a circuit with the heaters glowing red and the blue light from the high voltage emanating through the skull.

    Careful with that octal one in the first photo. The key is busted off the bottom – you might insert it into the socket incorrectly.

  5. If only I knew so many  years ago the value of these tubes. There was an abandoned dance hall near by, while exploring the place me and a buddy of mine had stumbled upon a couple boxes full of different ones. Some seemed to be burnt out but most may have been functional. Anyway, we spent some time throwing them at the walls and off the balconies to the lot below because of the POP they made . How STUPID! could have probably made some coin! O well.

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