Camp Carreon's new strategy: rape puns!

The longer it goes on, the stranger it gets. Here's Nate Anderson at Ars Technica on the latest stunt.

Camp Carreon isn't done with [The Oatmeal's Matthew] Inman yet—a new video depicts the cartoonist as a "Psycho Santa," while a new website suggests that Carreon might like to pursue litigation against those who engaged in a "Distributed Internet Reputational Attack" against him. ... it's up on a site called The site, apparently set up just for the video, suggests that Internet users are (or have been) engaged in a coordinated assault on Carreon's reputation.

Don't miss last night's feature, by Glenn Fleishman, about the amazing pile of cash that Inman's charity drive generated. It's a good refresher for the whole complicated story behind it, too.


  1. Internet Butthurt taken to the next level “Everyone look at my Butthurt, just look at it! Here’s a website devoted to how wide my sphincter has become due to my incredible butthurt skillz”

    Goatse is going to sue Carreon for infringement if Carreon keeps it up

    edit – aaaand… inaccessible website. Gotta pay more than a dollar for a website that might have people glance at it Carreon.

    1. Error establishing a database connection

      Not sure if slashdotted or cowardly self-censorship because the big bad Internet has NOTICED and is continuing their “Distributed Internet Reputation Attack” (read: comment threads that give him the mocking he deserves)…

      1. I wonder what he considers his “reputation”?  I mean, the fact that everyone thinks he is incompetent, immature & generally ridiculous IS his reputation, right?  The one he earned.  I’m curious what he thinks a “reputation” is though, if not distributed opinions about you.

        1. I’m no armchair psychologist (or even a real one), but people in the comments on the Ars Technica and Popehat posts regarding Carreon v The Whole Internet put forward a diagnosis of narcissistic personality disorder, as well as other stuff.

          I think it’s clear that both Charles and Tara have some sort of problems that require professional assistance. As evidence, if you take their published writing (Tara’s crazy ranting scrapbook phpBB install, Charles’s court filings and poetry) at face value, they legitimately do not understand what they did wrong or why the Internet would rise up en masse and deliver them a giant sledgehammering to the butthurt gland. They honestly feel as if they’re being unjustly persecuted by a mob of anonymous, sneering, troglodyte script kiddies obeying the commands of their dark taskmaster, Matt Inman,who is taking his orders from the vast Nazi Illuminati conspiracy that is trying to ruin the Carreons’  lives.

          This is why this whole situation passed beyond mocking and into “this is just sad” territory weeks ago for me. I like a good Internet fight just as much as anyone, but there comes a point where you realize you’re laughing at someone who is suffering from undiagnosed behavioural disorders, and then it’s not funny anymore.

  2. Carreon has done a fine job of destroying his reputation all by himself. When you behave like a jackass, expect people to notice. seems to be suffering from problems and is unreachable this morning. Gee, I wonder if it was overwhelmed by people who wanted a chance to tell Carreon to his face what a creep he is.

  3. OMFG everyone needs to watch the video, it is one of the weirder things I’ve seen on interwebs. I managed to have the site load after a while, I think it’s just bogged down.

  4. The strategy (if you can call it that) seems to be: “So far I have only offended people who find cartoons about web pages funny. Now I need to up the ante and offend anyone who knows what the term ‘rape culture’ means.”

    I shall give him a slow clap.

    1. “When you’re in a hole: KEEP DIGGING. Maybe you’ll strike oil”
      — PR Advice from Master Legal Guru Charles Carry-On

      The only functional question in this remains: Are Chas and Tara stupid, crazy or both?

  5. That video is the most bizarre thing I’ve seen on the intertubes this week and therefore deserves my gratitude.

    However, rapeutation? I suppose the analogy works if you’re the kind of arsehole that believes that women are “asking for it” by dressing provocatively. In this instance Carreon has “asked for it” by publicly being a monumental jackass.

  6. In addition to claiming that the Internet has conspired to disgrace and tarnish his polished, gleaming reputation, he’s calling for new wide-reading, First-Amendment-demolishing laws to do what he couldn’t do the first time he tried: Sue any and all critics, anywhere, if they say anything about him that he doesn’t like.

    The butthurt. This guy makes Jack Thompson look like a Buddhist monk.

  7. I know there isn’t any logic here…but I just keep hoping for some…like, Carreon has to understand that fame does not equal clients when everyone is laughing at your stupidity? Right? i.e what is the upside? If anything, the effect is the opposite…so what’s the point?

    It’s almost like the grade school kid who eats worms to be famous but just doesn’t understand people are laughing at him and not with him. I picture Carreon sitting in a dark room thinking it’s all some sort of joke that he’s in on…except he is the joke.

    1. He could still sell his services to idiots. Idiots have money too. With a population as large as ours, there are probably just enough idiots with money to keep Carreon well fed for the rest of his life. He doesn’t have to win, just hand over receipts for “services rendered”. Even if he pushes his luck too far and gets disbarred, he’ll have a speaking tour for morons (like Jack Thompson) and probably get a writing gig for some blog for morons or some newspaper for morons.

      One of the problems with successful societies (or even moderately successful ones) is that morons, tools, bullies and losers don’t always get their comeuppance. Our society’s defense mechanisms are robust enough that we don’t have to annihilate every single parasite that latches on. He could even end up being quite successful financially.

      1. When you consider that the Mittster is even with Obama in the polls right now, well yes idiots DO have money and apparently just whole gobs of it…..BTW. according to George Will, it is just fucking summer! Get over it people!!! [ignore that scientist behind the curtain]

    1. Wouldn’t it be delicious if Carreon has infringed on the Kennedy’s copyrights? 

      This idiot is still a gift that keeps on giving.

      1. There seem to be plenty of infringements in this video which wouldn’t be considered fair use… I’m sure Paramount didn’t license the use of the Spock dialogue, frinstance.

          1. Oh god. Tara is going to start dragging Paramount into her insane Nazi illuminati internet-mafia communist constellation of conspiracy theories if they send a C&D or even so much as tut in the direction of the Carreons’ websites.

  8. the intarwebz can smell blood in the water. is this seriously Carreon’s first day online? 

    1. Seeing as he won the landmark case (an First Amendment decision, and at this point he was on the GOOD GUYS side), I doubt it… but he seems to have gone off the rails veeeeeery badly since then. His wife is not helping matters, either.

    1. Really. I got my Inman money shots, they were silly. I consider the matter closed, time to move on and forget about this noob.

  9. Wouldn’t it be poetic justice if the legitimate copyright owners for the movie clips and still images used in Carreon’s video sued him. 

  10. Does Funnyjunk even still associate with him? ( As more then a joke over due it’s death?)

    1. The fact that FunnyJunk shut the fuck right up as soon as Carreon went renegade proves they’re smarter than him. I think that partnership died approximately 16 seconds after Carreon started making legal threats at Inman that were due to his own butthurt, not anything Matt Inman said to FunnyJunk.

      And given his history of ambulance-chasing Internet defamation/etc. cases, I suspect he took this on his own initiative and called up FunnyJunk, offering to give Inman a good old threat-of-lawsuit shakedown and split the ill-gotten goods. He once tried to concern troll Mattel over the fact that one of their toys, a doll named “Emily Doll”, ranked lower in Google than a porn site with the same name, and then, when Mattel’s trademark lawyer ignored him, he published the lawyer’s email address and urged his readers/fans to join in flooding his inbox.

      …an act he then tried to claim constituted incitement to harrass and defame and a violation of his personal and professional privacy when he accused Matt Inman of giving out his email address after the ball got rolling. (The best part is, Inman specifically did not publish Carreon’s email address, but Carreon’s own freaking website had and still has it all over the place if you take 3 seconds and know how to Internet worth a damn.)

      He also claimed that Inman or someone from his obedient Personal Army tried to hack Carreon’s website. And by hack, I mean, they pushed the button to issue a password reset request to Carreon’s email account–which NOBODY was trying to hack. You know, the kind where if you ignore it nothing gets changed?

  11. This is like a train wreck I can’t look away from. I keep wondering if Carreon is trolling us all without our knowing it, because he can’t be THIS stupid, can he? Oh, I guess he can….

  12. I couldn’t finish the “video”, it was too insulting to my senses. Extremely amateurish production values might be tolerated if you have something interesting or funny to say.

  13. The longer it goes on, the stranger it gets.

    And, the more I hope he gets psychological help.

  14. I finally get it, after reading the part by Carreon’s wife. She is a dyed-in-the-wool clusterfelch.  She lives for hate, and being her spouse is no doubt the worst punishment a  man (or woman) could ever face. On the day we are treated to photos of the murder/suicide that takes place in their bedroom I will Fudderwhack vigorously.

  15. Wow, there is a great life lesson to be gleaned here.

    I saw a Wayne Dwyer quote on my FB: “How people treat me is their Karma, how I react is my Karma.”

    Life is whatever you perceive it to be.

    This man has made himself miserable and forever ruined his career and reputation because he couldn’t take a joke. 

    As a side note, Inman could have chosen some MUCH better charities than the WWF and the ACS to support.

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