Gweek 059: The $8 Billion iPod


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  1. penguinchris says:

    Haven’t listened yet (I’m several weeks behind right now… I like to save them for long drives but haven’t driven anywhere in a while) but 3 Idiots is a great film and it’s actually very geeky – it’s about a bunch of engineering students. But of course it has plenty to appeal to everyone which is why it’s so popular. 

    I’m not usually a fan of films that try to appeal to as broad an audience as possible but this is an amazing exception to that rule and I highly recommend it, literally to anyone.

  2. dioptase says:

    I highly recommend 3 Idiots.  It’s like Real Genius, but set in India and more realistic (at least the people and situations).

  3. pathecat says:

    Of all the movies produced in India, you find 3 Idiots worth discussing make me feel very, very uncomfortable. Yes, it may have been the highest grossing movie but I sincerely hope you do not think of it as a movie that represents India. There are many other movies you could have chosen like Rang De Basanti, Udaan, Kaminey, Peepli Live, A Wednesday, Oye Lucky, band Baja Baraat to name a few.  

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